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rocket lawyer reviews

Technology has changed the way people interact, receive justice or incredible services. It cost too much to pay for a good legal help and those who manage to pay do that with so much stress. Big companies know the value of good legal help, that is why they keep personal and even have an entire legal department of lawyers and staffs. Most small companies are literally being ‘priced’ out of justice. With the help of technologies like Rocket Lawyer, many businesses and individuals turn tables and take control of their legal situation seamlessly.

Rocket lawyer is a digital alternative that makes legal advice simple and affordable. Some of the services they provide include helping clients who want to: buy or sell property, manage finances, get married, and handle landlord tenant issues. Whatever legal assistance it is, you are looking for, sit back as we explore Rocket Lawyer together.

Is Rocket Lawyer legit?

Another vital question to ask before registering with Rocket Lawyer is: “Is Rocket Lawyer legit”? Rocket lawyer was founded in 2008 with its headquarters in California. It has both technical and financial backing from big techs like google. And it has helped not less than 20 million people in their various legal services such as leasing and planning estates, starting businesses, getting divorce and managing employees. The founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer is Charley Moore. With Rocket Lawyer’s qualified attorneys and secured portal, you can easily create customized documents, research and ask for legal advice.

Well, Rocket Lawyer is actually legit. They provide a 30 days’ money back insurance if you are not satisfied with the services. So, if you are still in doubt of Rocket Lawyer being legit, the answer is a resounding yes. According to the Better Business Bureau review, it confirmed that clients applauded Rocket Lawyer for its simple and affordable services.

How to cancel Rocket Lawyer

If you choose not to continue with Rocket Lawyer, it is quite simple to cancel and deactivate your membership anytime you feel like doing so. This cancellation can be during your free trial or thereafter.

If you chose to cancel it before your free trial elapse, you can simply downgrade your trial. It is essential to note that any legal document you created during this free trial will still be available to you after you have downgraded it. On the other hand, if you choose to cancel your Rocket Lawyer after your trial, it is also simple. But if you choose to continue with your membership beyond the free trial, you will automatically be billed from your credit or debit card once the free trial expires.

So, to cancel and downgrade your membership, ensure you are signed in to your account. Then first, click on the icon or your name in the upper right hand corner and then click on “Account Settings”. Again, on the next page, locate the “Downgrade” or “Change Plan” button. Then, you will be offered to switch to the promotional loyalty plan. With this plan, you can create and get personal documents to protect your family. Next, continue your cancellation by selecting from the drop-down menu your reason for cancelling and click “End My Benefits’. Finally, you will see a confirmation of your free plan. In addition to this, an automatic email confirmation will be sent to you that your membership with them has been cancelled.

With Rocket Lawyer providing both businesses and individuals with all the legal help they need, one would ask is Rocket Lawyer free? Well, in the next section, we are going to explore this more.

rocket lawyer legit

Is Rocket Lawyer free?

As a large or small business owner or individual seeking more basic legal services, you can spend less with Rocket Lawyer and get a broad range of services. The answer to the above stated question is no, Rocket lawyer is not free. However, you will get a free 7 days’ trial. This free trial is offered one-time per customer. Generally, Rocket Lawyer has two categories of members, known as the premium members and the non-members. The premium members are to register and pay 39.99 USD per month. With this, you can create, download and print any legal document with ease, ask a lawyer your legal questions, get a quick response to your legal questions, get 40% discount off whenever you hire a lawyer and a free incorporation filing. Then for the non-members, after the free trial, and you want to download any document you have to pay 39.99 USD per legal document you download or print for any purpose.

By and large, there are other services offered by Rocket Lawyer, like providing different business templates and creating articles of incorporation.  They also supply LLC operating agreement templates to guarantee that your business or firm works successfully. This service is free during the free trial and for the premium member. However, non-members pay 39.99 USD per document for this service. You can create these documents by simply answering questions to customise your document. Next, you save your progress and download or print it. Finally, sign it online and share to invite others to sign.

Rocket Lawyer – reviews

In terms of reliability, Rocket Lawyer is one of the best online legal services you can trust. Rocket Lawyer has numerous good reviews. Some of these reviews highly commend Rocket Lawyer for solving their legal issues with great satisfaction. This shows how competent and ready they are to help and support through feedback. So here, we will briefly discuss some of these reviews.

Rocket Lawyer reviews
Reviews on the webside

Rocket Lawyer reviews on yelp

On yelp, the reviews on Rocket Lawyer are all on a positive note except very few that emphasized on bad conduct by one of their attorneys. A particular client on Yelp said he will recommend Rocket Lawyer 100% because they are “honest and trustworthy”. Rocket Lawyer has mostly an excellent review for their efficient services. From most of the reviews on Yelp, one can easily say that rocket lawyer is actually reliable and has a great customer service experience.

Rocket Lawyer reviews on Reddit

While most of the reviews on Reddit commend Rocket Lawyer on how simple it is to navigate through their website and get advice from their licensed attorneys. There are still very few reviews on Reddit that complained about how they were not given access to any legal document during their free trial until after the trials everything “started working”. Another satisfied client on Reddit was very happy for Rocket Lawyer’s legal assistance. According to the reviewer, Rocket Lawyer has excellent customer service. Another one said, she was able to get “a hold of an actual human assist” and her problem was quickly solved. In all and all, Rocket Lawyer’s reviews on Reddit are outstanding.

Rocket Lawyer prenup reviews

A prenuptial agreement or prenup for short is a contract between two couples. It’s a structured outline of each spouse’s assets, debts and expected future assets and debts and how these assets will be shared if both partners decide to part ways. Rocket Lawyer also provides excellent prenuptial services to its clients.

Reviews on rocket lawyer prenup are mostly positive and commending. A particular client talked about how Rocket Lawyer responded quickly to her legal questions in “clear English’’ rather than ‘’legal English’’ and they got the job (divorce) done excellently. A good number of prenup reviews on Rocket Lawyer talked excellently well about how Rocket Lawyer replied to all their divorce emails almost immediately.

In a nutshell, it is no longer news that in a world where millions of legal transactions and disputes happen every day, technology is changing the narrative for us. Lean on Rocket Lawyer to create varieties of different legal documents customized just for you.