Is Netgear Armor Security Worth it?

Is Netgear Armor Security Worth it

As cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated, having a security feature that protects your home and all your devices have become extremely important. Your data needs to be kept safe and private. How does Netgear Armor protect you from cyber threats? This article reviews Netgear Armor Security and provides information that will help you decide if it is worth it or any good. Information about Netgear Armor on Reddit is also discussed.  

Netgear Armor is part of a worldwide network of over 500 million monitored devices that proactively detect cyber threats. Just like in a neighborhood, every protected device works as a neighborhood of devices watching out for every device in your home digitally. If any device in this network is targeted by a cyberattack, all the other devices become aware of the same threat in about three seconds. This makes it less likely for any other device on the network to become a victim. Behind the scenes, every day, over 11 billion digital security agents search the web for patterns and clues for cyber threats. These proactive investigations keep Netgear Armor Security one step ahead of the common widespread global attacks and blocks threats in their tracks. 

Netgear Armor is powered by Bitdefender. Bitdefender is an award-winning internet security company that is trusted by many businesses and consumers around the world to keep computers and networks safe. We live in a world of constantly growing cyber threats, Netgear Armor Security helps you and everyone in your home stay safe from hacker attacks, viruses, and scams. 

Netgear Armor Security Review

Netgear Armor has advanced security and threat detection capabilities built for protecting a connected smart home. Netgear makes routers and this feature is embedded into its Wifi 6, Orbi, and Nighthawk range of routers. It acts as a protective bubble for all the devices on your home network. It keeps your devices safe from hackers, malware, and viruses for an affordable annual fee. Vulnerabilities in Smart TVs alone increased by 335%. Threats can now be found in many connected smart home devices such as light switches, TVs, wireless speakers, stream players, game consoles, thermostats, home theatre systems, smartphones, tablets, security cameras, and many more. Hackers are working hard to gain access to home networks. A security breach can result in serious usability and performance issues on your devices. This also leads to unwanted access and theft of your sensitive data such as credit card details, passwords, social security numbers, etc. 

Netgear highlights that a network hosting connected devices made by different manufacturers increases the chances of attacks as well. Netgear is designed to help curb these threats. Netgear has added some new features to its security product that provides a simple way to protect an entire network and all the devices on the network. These features include Sensitive Data Protection, which filters traffic on a network. It also scans for attempts to send online banking login credentials, social security numbers, and any other sensitive data to an unencrypted connection. 

Another feature is Anomaly Detection. This uses a machine-learning algorithm to observe data to build a pattern of the usual behavior of connected devices on the network. If it notices any activity that seems odd or out of the pattern, it will block it immediately. The data that is blocked is reviewed and can only proceed if it has been deemed harmless. 

The next feature is the Brute force Protection. This prevents attacks on smart devices by bots that attempt to repeatedly guess a password with unlimited attempts. 

Netgear Armor also has DDoS protection for networks to protect them against denial-of-service attacks that continuously ping a router making it unusable. 

Finally, Netgear Armor also has an Exploit Prevention feature to protect data and devices from malicious programs. 

Unlike other antivirus software, Netgear Armor Security is built into the router so that it monitors all activity on the Internet. This method completely removes the need and cost of installing multiple programs on your devices. 

Do you need Netgear Armor?

Yes, you need Netgear Armor. It protects devices like Smart TVs, security cameras, etc, that traditionally don’t have security software installed. We’re not always at home and when that happens we often take our smartphones and laptops with us. Another great feature is that Netgear Armor includes an Internet threat protection that you can download on your phones, tablets, and computer at no additional cost. This offers security when you are away from your home and also functions as a second layer of protection at home. It keeps your devices safe from viruses, phishing, and other attacks even when they are connected to unsecured networks in public places. Netgear Armor is very good for use in your home, so yes you need it. 

On Reddit, people have asked if Netgear Armor is worth it. Many users on Reddit have shared their experience with using Netgear Armor. Some of the comments shared on Reddit are not good. There are complaints about it not making any difference on their system. Though there are very few good reviews, you will see that about 70% of the comments about Netgear Armor are inquiries and questions about using their devices. 

Netgear Armor is very good. With its new and enhanced protection, it offers a suite of services to better protect and manage devices connected to your home network. It comes with smart parental controls to enable parents to monitor their children’s screen time and computer usage. The annual subscription comes with an unlimited VPN. One of the major advantages of Netgear Armor is that it is transparent while working behind the scenes to monitor traffic 24/7. It is completely worth it.