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Whizlabs reviews

Whizlabs is a provider of online certification training in numerous disciplines. With over 20 years of success in this, Whizlabs is the pioneer of providing online training. 

The online training certifications are in fields like Blockchain, Java, Project Management, Linux, Cloud Computing as so on. 

Whizlabs is a trusted training platform having popular clients like Deloitte, KPMG, Wavestone, Telefonica, J. P. Morgan and many more. 

To get an online certification with the help of Whizlabs, the first thing to do is 

  • Find a course that suits your needs.
  • Begin your preparation through the videos available to learn from, practice exams and hands-on labs. 
  • Receive your certification in the discipline you have trained in. 

The training programs available on Whizlabs can be made available to you after the required cost for any program is paid. 

The programs are quite cheap, users do not have to worry about spending too much. 

Whizlabs also runs frequent deals on programs with amazing discounts. 

Whizlabs – Reviews in 2022.

In 2022, so far, Whizlabs has received quite a number of good reviews. Whizlabs currently has an average rating of 4.5 stars. 

A lot of reviews on Whizlabs state how the practice tests are really helpful in preparing the main certification exams. Users agree that the time spent learning on Whizlabs was worth it.

There are also positive reviews on the quality of the learning content. The contents for each program are well explained and give users a better understanding of what is taught. 

Reviews particular to the courses available are also very great. People have recommended certain courses for others as they had a good experience learning them and also got their training at a very affordable, cheap cost.  

A lot of reviewers have made use of the phrase “great product” when referring to the programs they have received a certification in. From the reviews on the different courses, you can expect for the course to be well defined and easily comprehensible. 

whizlabs reviews
Reviews on the website trustpilot.com

Whizlabs AWS Reviews.

On Whizlabs, there are a number of AWS (Amazon Web Services) courses to choose from and get certification in. 

Some of these AWS courses include: AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty, AWS Certified Big Data Specialty, AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Monitoring and Auditing, AWS Certified Security Specialty, just to mention a few. 

These AWS courses have exceptional reviews on Whizlabs. Most reviewers state that they had passed their exams on the first attempt all thanks to the great learning contents that are well explained. A lot of reviews also mentioned that the practice tests on Whizlabs played a huge role in the success of the AWS exams taken.

Whizlabs – Phone Number.

Trying to contact Whizlabs for support or do you have questions to ask? Whizlabs has a few ways you can contact them depending on the kind of help you need. 

For Customer Support, Whizlabs can be contacted through email at [email protected] and through the phone number, +91-6364678444. You can also contact Whizlabs on WhatsApp on the same phone number. 

For Corporate needs, contact Whizlabs through [email protected]

For Invoice, contact Whizlabs through [email protected].

For Hands-on Labs, contact Whizlabs through [email protected].

Whizlabs VS A Cloud Guru.

A Cloud Guru, just like Whizlabs, is an online training platform. It offers training for people interested in Information Technology. 

Both platforms are used by thousands of people to get certified in certain courses and progress in their professions. 

Users of both platforms have seen differences between Whizlabs and A Cloud Guru. Here is what was said by a few people:

  • A Cloud Consultant at PwC India used both training platforms and stated that he mostly relied on Whizlabs for most of his training needs while A Cloud Guru only came in handy for a Developer Associate course. 
  • Another user said otherwise. He mentioned that both platforms were not helpful for his Architect SAA-C02 exam. The practice tests, to him, were not relevant in the actual exam. He also stated that Whizlabs used to be better and more relevant in previous years. 
  • Some other person preparing for AWS Solution Architect exam said that both platforms have failed in helping out to beat the passmark of 720 points. He also said that preparing on both platforms gave him points of 650 and 710 respectively for Whizlabs and Cloud Guru. Wondering why he failed, he realized that both training platforms were giving out outdated exam preparation materials when the latest knowledge is demanded. 

Whizlabs VS Udemy.

Udemy is also a platform that offers online certification training for professionals. 

People who have made use of Udemy and Whizlabs have made comparisons between the two platforms. This is what a few people discovered: 

  • Compared to Whizlabs, a user said that Udemy has up-to-date information given out. Udemy has become more beneficial than Whizlabs, in their opinion. A few people replied in agreement to the statement saying that the Jon Bonso’s Tutorials and practice tests are more relevant to the actual exam than that of Whizlab. 
  • A more positive comment on Whizlabs says that Whizlabs helped in providing a good scope of the exam to be taken while Udemy provided high quality practice exams for good preparation. 
  • Another comment completely recommends using Udemy as it provides all the quality knowledge you need as well as it being helpful in exam preparations. 
Whizlabs vs Udemy

Whizlabs Coupons.

As Whizlabs is an online certification training platform that requires payment to learn, who would not like to get a discount off? There are a few ways to begin your training on the Whizlabs platform at a cheap cost. 

As mentioned earlier in this article, Whizlabs runs discounts quite frequently. You can look out for discount codes when on the site to get some money off and get your certification for cheap. 

If you happen to use Whizlabs when the sales are over, you can always search on the internet for discount codes or coupons to use at checkout on Whizlabs. You can win coupons worth up to 50% off Whizlabs courses on websites like www.couponfollow.com and www.groupon.com. There are few other websites that you can get coupons from.

You can also find discount codes to make use of on Whizlabs at these websites. 

In summary, Whizlabs has a mix of positive and negative reviews. The reviews and comments mentioned in this article can be found on Whizlabs, in the review section, Quora and Reddit.

Whizlabs has proven to be reliable to some users but not all. Some users have since moved to making use of other online training platforms as Whizlabs became less beneficial to them.