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SlickVPN Reviews

What is Slickvpn? Slickvpn is a VPN provider that offers security, allows P2P traffic on all servers, and provides fast speed on local servers. The company is based in the US and is well established in the world of online privacy and security. In this Slickvpn review, the performance of the VPN will be discussed, how to use it for Netflix, how to download and set up Slickvpn, and what is said about Slickvpn on Reddit. 

Although it’s not the most popular VPN on the market, Slickvpn is all about online privacy. It even states on its website that “Privacy is Freedom” on its homepage. This makes Slickvpn a promising company for users who are interested in using VPNs for this purpose. But privacy alone does not make a VPN complete, so in this review, we will look at its performance in terms of security, examine its website unblocking capabilities, and more. 

Slickvpn supports Windows and macOS platforms, ios, android, Linux, and routers. However, If you want to install Slickvpn on your smartphone you have to download OpenVPN, where you can manually configure it. It is not advised to do this if you are a less experienced user. Slickvpn supports 5 simultaneous connections on a single account. This is a feature that has been disliked by many users. 

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How to setup and download Slickvpn

Visit to download Slickvpn. Select your operating system to start the download. Slickvpn comes with cheap annual plans. For the paid version you can get Slickvpn for $10 a month, $48 a year so you save 66%, and at $30 for 6 months, so you save 50%. 

After you have completed the installation, you will notice that the interface is very simple and easy to use. To connect to the server you want, you need to click on the locations tab and then double click on the country you want. Once you do that, it will establish a connection to the VPN server located in that country. To disconnect, click on the Disconnect button boldly displayed. 

There are more interesting features in the application. For example, we have the speed test which lets you choose which server or servers you want to test. You can also do a test on the entire network to determine the fasted server for your needs. Finally, if you click on preferences you will find more security features that the VPN offers. 

Slickvpn uses 256-bit AES encryption alongside DNS and IP leak protection with an automatic kill switch for the maximum level of security. The VPN has a bonus feature such as IP Settings, which lets you change your IP address periodically. You can also customize and prevent anyone from tracking your online activities due to your constantly changing IP address, including the virtual location that comes with it. Slickvpn offers one protocol called OpenVPN. It has two variants the UDP and TCP, whereas on iOS and macOS it uses IPSec as a default protocol. 

You can also change from a variety of ports and there are more bonus features that you can set up manually. For example, the Hydra Gateway, is a multi-hop that routes your traffic through multiple servers before arriving at the destination, i.e the website you want to visit.

You can find Slickvpn coupons on several websites. You can get 66% off the Slickvpn coupon code on that is valid through April 2022. You can get 86% off Slickvpn coupon codes on You can find some more coupon codes on for 50% off, and on for 70% off. With a quick internet search, you can find many great coupon codes that you can apply to your Slickvpn purchase. 

Using Slickvpn for Netflix

You can use Slickvpn to access Netflix in the US. It is very hard to find a VPN provider that can unblock Netflix. Netflix has a powerful protocol for detecting software that is trying to pass through its firewalls. In the same light, there are not a lot of free VPNs that can bypass geographical restrictions. The company made a “Netflix Pledge” to its customers to guarantee Netflix access to their computers and will give a full refund to customers who are unable to access Netflix through the VPN. 

On Reddit, about 3.5 billion comments have been made so far. On, there is a chart that analyzed the trend of comments about Slickvpn. In 2017, Slickvpn was mentioned nearly 40 times by Reddit users. The minimum number of times sit was mentioned was in 2021 with only 2 comments.

Slickvpn follows a strict no-logging process as it does not sell any information to third parties. So you are sure that your data is secure at all times. However, it has been said many times that Expressvpn and Cyberghost VPN perform better than Slickvpn. Slickvpn is much slower with a much higher ping value. When reviewing the speed test, Slickvpn’s speed is not good and it will not bring an impressive level of performance in comparison to other premium VPNs that are in the same price range as Slickvpn. 

To do a streaming test with Slickvpn, you first select your player of choice. For example, Netflix or BBC player. Open the Slickvpn application and then connect to the country server of your choice. Now refresh the player for all changes to be applied i.e UK Netflix changing to US Netflix. While reviewing the streaming test for BBC Player, you will find that Slickvpn is a poor choice if you want to unblock geo-restricted websites, because it was unable to do this. Also, the majority of the servers are in the US while other countries get no more than one or two servers per location. Slickvpn customer support is also very poor and as the 24/7 live chat support is no longer there, so you have to rely on email support which can be very slow. The good news here is that the FAQs section of the Slickvpn website provides a lot of information so you can refer to self-help if you don’t have the time to wait using email support. 

Albeit, Slickvpn is a good choice for users who are satisfied with strong security and prefer a no-logging policy.