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FileHippo, launched in 2004, is a website that offers free computer software downloads for Windows devices as well as Mac and Android.      

FileHippo aims to provide the simplest procedure to download the latest versions of leading software.     

Truly, downloading software with the help of FileHippo only requires a few easy steps. 

To download any software of your choice for free, all you need to do is:   

  • Visit  
  • Select the language of your choice at the top right corner of the website.  
  • Select your OS (Operating System) also at the top right corner of the website before the language choice. You can choose from the options available i.e. Windows, Mac, Android or web apps, to get software suitable for the device you use.       
  • Next, you want to type in the name of the software you are in need of in the search bar located at the top of the website.From your search, you will see what you are looking for as well as related software. For instance, if you use a Mac OS device and you search for “iTunes”, the iTunes software will show up first with other music related software being displayed beneath iTunes.     
  • Click “Download” next to the software of your choice. This leads you to further information on the software. You have the liberty to choose the latest version of the software available or any of the older versions as suitable for your device.     
  • Select the version of your choice.      
  • Click “Download”. The software is then downloaded to your device for free, no hassle.   

The FileHippo website has other features aside from just downloading software.    

The homepage of the website has a few tabs at the top corner of the screen that would be of interest to any person visiting the page.     

These tabs include:     

  • News where you can find the latest tech information.  
  • Reviews on the most popular software that are also available on FileHippo.   
  • Top programs, a list of the best and popular software programs found on FileHippo.   

A little scroll down the homepage of FileHippo is the Categories section. There, you can select from a list of options to find software that suits your needs.   

Also on the homepage of is a little information believed to instill some trust in users. FileHippo displays the rapidly increasing number of downloads served, how long ago the software updates were checked and the number of program versions listed on their website.   

To use FileHippo, users are not required to register or make an account on the platform. This thereby eases the download procedure and users can get right to what they came to the website to do, download software for free.     

latest games on filehippo

Is FileHippo Trusted?

From FileHippo user reviews, you are convinced that FileHippo is a trusted platform for getting the best software for free, that is 100% spyware and virus free.    

You can trust FileHippo to have quicker downloads with the help of very fast servers of 100mb connections.   

The other features that make Filehippo a trusted platform are the optimized pages that enable faster downloads and support to pause or resume downloads.   

You definitely can trust FileHippo to deliver the best software to you.    

Who Owns FileHippo?

The license to use the name and logo of FileHippo is held by Softonic International, a software hosting service, as they had since acquired FileHippo. However, the owners of FileHippo are LMG Media Limited and FileHippo s.r.o.   

Softonic International was established in 1996 as a file oriented download service and eventually evolved to making software available to systems other than Windows.    

There is not so much information given as to the owners of FileHippo as well as when Softonic International acquired the platform.   

FileHippo Reviews In 2022.

The reviews on FileHippo are mostly good rather than bad. Users of the FileHippo platform over the years have testified to the safety, speed and all round efficiency of the platform.     

With a lot of similar platforms getting dragged down for malware, spyware and viruses, FileHippo stands out of the crowd with its exceptional security to prevent such danger from harming users and their devices.     

A lot of reviews on FileHippo are on the quality of software provided on the platform. Only the best software is available as FileHippo ensures quality over quantity.          

Now the bad reviews. Some people have said on platforms like Reddit and TrustPilot of how good FileHippo used to be but the platform has been having a lot of technical problems. A reviewer suspects that the reason may be that there are new owners.    

A few other reviews complain about too many redirections to other sites and see that users getting an ad blocker would solve the issue.      

A number of reviewers have used the phrase “shadow of its former self” when describing FileHippo and stated that they had long switched to another platform for downloading software for free.       

A common review among the not so good reviews is the issue of FileHippo wrapping downloads in adware and calling it “Download Manager”.     

With such a mix of good and bad reviews, users are left thinking “Is FileHippo safe?”.         

Is FileHippo Safe?

filehippo based in spain
The company is from Spain

With the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), FileHippo ensures that connections to their site are secure and safe. 

Also, software available on FileHippo is not just uploaded by anyone out of free will. FileHippo contacts publishers of software themself in order to get their programs on their website. 

Once publishers are contacted and the agreement to upload is made, FileHippo thoroughly checks the software using different parameters to ensure the software is free of viruses and spyware. 

After all checks are made, the virus and spyware free software are then  uploaded to the and made available for download to users for free. 

With all that being said, users can be sure of their safety on the FileHippo platform even as the risk of using online platforms are increasing. 

FileHippo is a safe platform to download software.

How Does FileHippo Make Money?

With all software available on FileHippo made free, you may be wondering, “how does filehippo make money?”. This is quite simple as the FileHippo website makes money from donations by users and third party advertising.    

Companies and businesses pay FileHippo to have their advertisements displayed on their website.    

Through these means the company has been funded over the years in order to offer their services to internet users that require software.    

In conclusion, still remains one of the best free software downloading platforms out there despite the poor reviews by a few frequent users of the FileHippo platform.

You can be sure to get the best software downloaded to your device without stress.