AweSun Review

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AweSun is a remote desktop app that provides remote access, control, and remote support solutions that are compatible with desktop and mobile applications. AweSun allows you to control and mirror your computer screen on your phone and also view your mobile device on your computer. You can play games, view files, and do other activities on any device that you choose. This article reviews the AweSun software and discusses AweSun scams and hacks. 

AweSun is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer. AweSun desktop applications can be run on both Windows and macOS operating systems. It is also available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The app also allows you to work from home while accessing office computers remotely. You can also gain remote access and support for your mobile device on the go. You can play games from your computer on your phone and even facilitate collaboration.  

Not only can you mirror from PC to PC, but you can also mirror from PC to mobile and vice versa. If you work in IT support and you find yourself in a situation where you need to gain access to another computer or phone, then AweSun is highly recommended. As long as all devices have AweSun running. It is very easy and hassle-free to install. AweSun has great reviews on its website and it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.  


How to connect your mobile to your PC using AweSun.  

To begin, make sure you have the AweSun app downloaded on your device.

On Android, go to the Google Play Store here:

On your iOS device here:

On your macOS or PC using this link:

Create an account once you have downloaded the app. Once you have created an account, your computer will give you a code that you can use to connect your phone. Enter the code on your mobile phone and now you can view and control your computer. You can also tap to open the app, and then select Discover. Select Remote Assist on the top left corner to input your credentials. You can now see a preview of your computer on your device screen. 

You can tap on any part of the screen to zoom in and move around. You can even create a virtual mouse and cursor to left-click, right-click and scroll. AweSun is compatible with many devices so you can use them on your Apple or Android phone. 

AweSun gives you access to a lot of great features such as customizable keyboards and cursor controls. 

Your phone screen can also be viewed on your computer. To do this, scan the QR code on your computer to connect it with your phone. AweSun lets you connect and interact with all of your devices in a great and simple way.

On the free version, you have access to screen mirroring and remote control features. So you can access all of your devices interchangeably for free. If you want more features you can upgrade to the paid version (AweSun Pro) for remote CMD, the ability to record your screen mirroring sessions, and even transfer files quickly between your devices. 

AweSun offers a gaming version that includes all the Pro and free version features, as well as customized keyboards that allow you to play PC games straight from your phone easily. 

By linking your Android, iOS, PC, and macOS devices to your account, you can easily and quickly access all of them in a safe and secure location using AweSun. 

AweSun scams and hacking

Sometimes, remote access scams happen when the victim is convinced that they have a computer or software problem and the scammer suggests that you buy new software to fix the problem. In February 2022, an estimated over $1.9million had been lost to remote access scams alone. 

How to identify a remote access scam: When you receive a phone call out of the blue and the caller says they are a representative from a large firm or a technical support specialist, and claims that your computer is experiencing technical issues. This could also be a claim that your computer has a virus, or it has been sending error messages. They may also claim that your internet broadband connection has been hacked. The scammer then proposes to fix the problem via remote access to find out the problem. They could go as far as asking you to buy software or pay for a service or ask for your personal or financial details. It is important to be aware of these warning signs so you don’t fall victim to these scams. These scammers may use remote access software like AweSun to perform these scams. 

How to protect yourself: If you ever receive such a phone call, hang up immediately. Never share any personal or financial information about yourself. No company can legitimately ask you for your credit card details over the phone, except you made the call and the phone number is from a trusted source. Never grant remote access to your computer from an unrequested user. Make sure your PC is protected by using trusted anti-spyware and anti-virus software and that it is regularly updated.

If you suspect that you have been hacked or you gave permission to an unknown source to access your device via remote access, make sure to seek help and guidance from reputable computer technicians.

Contact your bank or financial institution immediately if you have shared your account details with a scammer.