Best tower speakers in India under 10000 Indian rupee. TOP5

Top 5 tower speaker

When you want to entertain guests, friends, or family, having a home theater is a perfect way to do this. Tower speakers can make this happen in an elegant way. You should be looking at the best tower speakers that will highlight your home theater.  Are you looking for a tower speaker? This article highlights the top 5 best tower speakers in India that you can get for under 1000 rupees.

Some speakers are difficult to set up because they are too large. Back in the old days, tower speakers were so large like the amplifiers at a rock concert. But now they have changed dramatically and become so tall and slender. Now you can place them anywhere and they won’t take too much space. 

Many speaker packages come with the basic setup – the center speaker, a subwoofer or bass speaker, and two satellite speakers. More expensive speaker sets come with an extra two satellite speakers. Tower speakers are very visible, unlike the standard sizes. Tower speakers create a sleek and contemporary style to blend with your home decor. They also come in several styles. The popular type has more than one speaker in each tower. These usually have a main speaker and then several other small speakers. The smaller speakers add depth and bass to the sound. All of these create a rich sound quality. 

Tower speakers are versatile. They can work with your current speaker package. To do this, just connect the tower speaker wires to the appropriate speaker channels. Tower speakers can significantly improve the sound of your current system at minimal cost and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your home theater. Here is a list of the top 5 best tower speakers that you can get for under 10000 rupees in India. 

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The best tower speakers brands


This wooden cased tower speaker has two speakers, two tweeters, and two woofers. The DT-51 comes with a remote control, an AUX, 2RCA – 2RCA cable wire, and 2RCA – AUX wire with gold plated heads, which is fantastic. It can be connected to a TV with an AUX port, and Bluetooth 5.0. You can use both an SD card and a USB. It has all kinds of connectivity options and on the side of the speaker is the ON/OFF switch, volume, bass and treble control, AUX port, and the F.M antenna port. To connect both speakers, connect speaker woofer wire with one speaker to another. The OBAGE DT-51 has two 4-inch speakers of 8 ohms, two 2.25-inch tweeters of 4 ohms, and two 5.25-inch woofers of 4 ohms. The total output of the speaker is 100W – 35W from the woofer and 15W for each other tower. Its SNR is 72dB and its frequency response is between 50Hz-15Hz. The DT-51’s audio quality is great as there is no other perfect audio quality for this price range. However, this tower is made for indoor use with a room size of less than 200sq. 


The Philips 8000b has 5 speaker channels made of good plastic. They do not shake on high volume and can be mounted on a wall if you wish. The subwoofer is of good circular display and has tactile control buttons around it. This 8-inch system is heavy which is good so it does not shake on more audio output. In the box, there is an RCA – RCA cable wire and small remote control. The USB and SD card readers are located on the side, and the rest of the connectivity options are located on the back of the subwoofer. The build quality is well above average with a fantastic design. It has 5 full-range speakers of 3-inch 4 ohms with 15W per satellite output. The 45W subwoofer is 8-inch 4 ohms and the total output is 120W. The frequency range is 20Hz to 20Khz and the separation is equal to 35dB. Its SNR is 60dB and it weighs 9.8kg. It has a USB, SD card, AUX, and Bluetooth 4.1 and the wire length is 4.7m each. These speakers will surprise you with great audio quality. 

F&D T60X 

The F&D T60X speakers are made by a company called Fenda. Fenda is the OEM for Harman/Kardon, JBL, and Grundig. These speakers are sleek, trendy, classy, and designed for the future. They feature a 1-inch dome tweeter and a three-way acoustic design. This speaker offers an exceptional home theatre experience. It includes an 8-inch subwoofer and a 4-inch woofer and comes with a set of silk dome tweeters. They are made of high-quality wood that is capable of producing a natural and strong sound. It is compatible with DVDs, TV, mobile phones, laptops, and much more. You can connect via Bluetooth, AUX, or a USB. 

Phillips Audio 2 in 1. 

This is a convertible tower speaker with an exceptional audio system. It serves as a soundbar and also a tower speaker. It is truly outstanding with great controls and comes in a sturdy and sleek build cabinet with a matte finish. One great feature is that it is compatible with HDMI, FM radio, Bluetooth, and much more. Being a space-saving 2.0 channel stereo speaker, you are sure that it will not occupy too much space in your home. It offers 80W sound output and comes with a USB, 2RCA to 2RCA Cable, audio in, and an SD card input. It is one of the best convertible speakers you will find out there. 

Panasonic HT21

It is made of wood and plastic that are of tall wall style. They can be mounted on the wall if you wish. On the front is an LED light but with no display. The top has a circular jog dial to increase or decrease the volume, bass, or treble. Connectivity options are on the side and the back with the on/off switch. The box has an RCA to RCA, an AUX cable, and remote control. It has 4 full-range drivers of 3-inch with 12.5 output per tower. It has a subwoofer of 6.5-inch. Its SNR is 80dB with a frequency response of 40hz-20Khz. The sound stage is 1.8m. Panasonic has a heavy bass audio signature so if you like sounds with a lot of basses this will be perfect for you. The speaker is good for music, especially Punjabi and hard rock songs. Kawali listeners should avoid using these speakers because of their high bass sounds. For better performance, keep the bass on 75% on all volume controls.