What is Unroll.me? Reviews, alterantives


It is not a good thing when you open your inbox and several meaningless junk mails have filled your inbox, distracting you from the important emails. You then have to spend a lot of time going through your inbox, opening each mail to know which ones are the essential emails. 

Fortunately, you can use software programs like unroll me to help manage, organize and declutter your inbox.

What is Unroll me?

Unroll me is an email management software whose main objective is to manage, organize and declutter your inbox. Unroll me allows you to see all your active subscriptions, allowing you to easily unsubscribe from the ones you are no longer interested in. 

Unroll me can also combine all the subscriptions that you would like to receive into a single email, and this is called the Rollup. You can easily read through your subscriptions at once instead of scrolling through your inbox, trying to find your subscriptions. 

With unroll me, you don’t have to waste hours of your day going through your inbox, searching for important emails. 

Unroll me work

How Does Unroll Me Work?

Unroll me scans through the mail in your inbox and tags all the subscriptions. Subsequently, you can either:

  • Add the subscriptions that you want to your Unroll me Rollup where your subscriptions will show up in one special unroll me Folder, but this will not show up in your inbox anymore. 
  • Keep the subscriptions in your inbox. Here, the only thing that changes is that you will now have a more convenient unsubscribe link at your fingertips.
  • Easily unsubscribe, even if the sender does not accept, Unroll me will block any of the sender’s future emails. 

Unroll me is free to use and download, but using Unroll me’s free features is not exactly free. Unroll me is owned by an e-commerce platform named Rakuten Intelligence. This e-commerce platform offers intelligence on industry and market trends through your emails. This means that once you have agreed to Unroll me’s terms and conditions during the sign-up process, they can access your emails and use the data in your emails in their market intelligence, which they share with their clients and customers. However, it is also important to know that Rakuten Intelligence ignores your personal emails and they remove personal information such as your name and address. Unroll me can scan through your inbox for receipts for services such as Lyft, and they sell this information to companies like Uber. Your data is anonymized, which means that they will not show your name in the information. 


How to Use Unroll me

The primary objective of Unroll me is to help you unsubscribe from emails that you no longer need. Unroll me has other interesting features that help you organize and manage your inbox. 

Unroll me is an easy app to use. You do not have to learn about anything that is complicated, you can easily figure out what you need to do whether it is bulk unsubscription, setting up your Rollup email with all your favorite subscriptions, or leaving your emails in your inbox. 

To use unroll me you need to set up your Unroll me account. 

  • To start using unroll me, you have to create an account, of course. To do this, you have to go to their webpage unroll.me and on their homepage click on the get started now button.
  • Then you can select your preferred sign up method. 
  • Unroll me will then present you with their terms of service. After you have read through it, click on ‘I accept’
  • Click on the email you want to use.
  • The next step requires you to set up a password. You can use the two-step authentication feature if you have your Google account linked.
  • Select your country and put in your phone number.
  • A verification code will then be sent to the number you have registered. 
  • You will then turn on the two-step verification.
  • Unroll me will then offer various options as additional back-ups to your two-step verification code for added security.

Review of Unroll me

Unroll me has numerous good reviews. It is still one of the best email management tools. Unroll me is very easy to use, and it is really efficient. 

It is a great solution for a procedure that would normally take hours to complete. Unroll me only supports one email at a time. 

Some users are still finding it difficult to trust unroll me because of the security issues it has had in the past. 

unroll.me reviews on apple
Reviews are very good.

Is Unroll me safe?

This highly depends on how much you value your privacy. Unroll me has had security issues in the past where they were not being honest with their uses on how they monetize data. Users were not aware of the fact that the company that owned Unroll me collected information on the user’s purchase and sold this information to companies. 

An example is that Unroll me started collecting data on Uber receipts, and the company behind Unroll me sold this data to Uber. Uber will then have more insight on users that are using services like Lyft. Unroll me was charged with data breach because of this. As a result of this, Unroll me is now transparent about the collection of data and how it is used. 

Unroll me alternatives 

Unroll me is one of the most popular email management tools, but some people are not willing to risk their privacy. 

Here are some great alternatives to Unroll me:

  • Sanebox
  • Cleanfox
  • Polymail Unsubscriber
  • Leave me alone
  • Clean Email
  • Unlistr 
  • Gmail Unsubscriber

Cleanfox vs Unroll me

Cleanfox is an amazing alternative to Unroll me. Cleanfox is a third-party service that allows you to unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and it deletes unwanted emails. 

Cleanfox allows you to link all your emails, but Unroll me only allows you to link one email. Cleanfox uses IMAP to obtain access to your emails and it works on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Unroll me vs mailstrom 

Like Unroll me, mailstrom allows you to take bulk actions in you inbox. Unlike unroll me, mailstrom supports iCloud emails. 

Mailstrom allows you to delete, archive, and move emails in hundreds and thousands.

Sanebox vs Unroll me

Unroll me offers a bulk unsubscribing option but Sanebox does not have this feature, but Sanebox helps you declutter and organize your email viewing experience. 

To use Sanebox, you need to head to their webpage Sanebox.com and enter your email address and password. It will then go through all the emails and remove the unwanted emails and moves them to a folder called SaneLater on your email. Sanebox also shows you a digest of the combined emails that are important. 

How to Remove Unroll me from Gmail

To remove Unroll me’s access from your Gmail:

  • Go to accounts.google.com, you have to be signed in to the same google account you used for Unroll me.
  • Go to Sign-in and security, then click connected apps and sites.
  • Click manage apps.
  • Search for Unroll me, then click to expand.
  • Click remove, then click Ok.

Does Unroll me Work With iCloud?

Unroll me no longer supports iCloud email accounts. Unroll me only allows Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL Mail. Unroll me stopped supporting iCloud emails on March 31st, 2019.

Is Unroll me a Scam?

Unroll me is not a scam. Like I mentioned earlier, Unroll me has had security issues in the past where that were later charged with data breach. 

Today, Unroll me is more transparent about how they collect data and how they use it. Unroll me is still a reliable app for managing and organizing your inbox. 

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