Advanced systemcare review

How often does your system slow down to the point that doing simple tasks takes a very long time? This happens quite often, especially on Windows PC. There are apps designed to fix this problem and one we will discuss in this article is called Advanced SystemCare. 

Is the Advanced System care worth it? Should you install it? Follow this article for a review of IObit Advanced SystemCare to know if it is good for your computer. A detailed review of all its features will be discussed in this article.  

IObit Advanced SystemCare can be used for free and has a user-friendly design. It doesn’t take much space and works on the older Windows versions like Windows 7 or XP. It also has a lot of positive user reviews. So is it worth it?

Advanced SystemCare is a PC Optimizer app designed for Windows devices. It cleans files that are no longer in use, temporary and duplicate files on your computer that slow it down. It manages startup applications, monitors memory and CPU. The pro versions provide registry clean, browser optimization and privacy protection. 

After installation, you see the main suggestion which is the scanner. The scanner has two options, the AI mode and the Manual mode. If you don’t have much time or if you don’t have the skills to set it up, it is recommended to use the AI mode. The manual mode has all the specifics like junk file clean, firewall, internet boost, system optimization, antivirus protection, disk check, spyware removal, etc. 

In AI mode, it takes an average of two minutes for the scanning process to complete and afterwards, you receive feedback on all the items that need attention. You can click on the fix button to resolve all the issues at once or you can fix them by category.  

In manual mode, you can select all the specific options you wish to scan for the same results as above.

There are other very useful features on the Advanced SystemCare app such as Speed Up. There are multiple tools here that are not available on the advanced systemcare free version. Some of the features of the Speed Up tab include turbo boost, startup optimizer, hardware accelerator, real-time tuneup, and more optimization tools. 

The Protect feature is a very important part of the application. It deals with hacked emails, viruses, ransomware and so on. Advanced Systemcare offers system protection, browser protection and sensitive data protection. But, what do these mean? System protection provides antivirus protection, firewall protection and anti-spyware, which is only available on the pro version. Browser protection offers email protection, ads removal, surfing protection, homepage advisor and for the pro version anti-tracking. It flags emails with suspicious content. Similarly, the surfing protection tool is designed to block online threats and crypto mining attempts. It is important to note that for each of these tools you will need to install a separate browser plugin. Sensitive data protection is very useful against ransomware. It blocks any attempts by other programs to private data stored on the hard drive. You can specify files or folders to be protected which makes advanced systemcare worth it. 

The last feature is the System update. It shows the status of all essential programs installed on your pc, and whether they require an update or not, which is good for your computer. 

You can also set the theme to your preference for visual appeal and light or dark adjustments. 

Advanced system care covers all the essential areas of pc optimization while providing dozens of tools which makes it an all in one solution for those who want to maintain their computers which makes it worth it. According to reviews, there are no complaints about the app. It is fast well organized, scanning is quick and all modules work perfectly which makes it good for your computer. 

However, there are many popup ads in the advanced systemcare free version and the app is always active in the background. Some modules require the installation of other iObit apps, for example, driver booster. 

Advanced systemcare pro 11 review

For the pro 11 version, the minimum requirements include, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Its file size is about 24.9MB. As with other versions of the program, it is very easy to install and use. The major differences in comparison to newer versions, specifically the pro 14 and 15,  are that there is no AI mode. So, you have to manually select the functionalities you want to use and fix, or you can just select all the options. The pro 11 version also has a different user interface. The main features are located at the top of the window which is not easily visible, but all major functionality remains the same. However, it makes use of a licence code which has an expiry date, unlike newer versions. 

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