What is the best FREE browser for Windows 10


Wondering what is the best browser for Windows 10? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out.

A web browser plays an essential role in how good your web browsing experience is going to be. Along with that, you need a browser that is privacy and speed focused.

Also, there are lots of free browsers for Windows 10 available out there. So the question is, which is the best web browser for Windows 10 among so many?

Well, to help you out, I am going to mention the best browsers for your system. So let’s just quickly go ahead and check them out:

What is the best browser for Windows 10?

 1. Mozilla Firefox – best browsers for windows 10?

Mozilla Firefox Quantum is one of the fastest and stable browsers that you can try out. The browser is in direct competition with browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Also, Firefox as a browser is extremely popular in the Linux ecosystem. Also, it comes with lots of privacy features. Such as tracking protection that prevents unwanted domain requests.

The web browser is also known for loading at an extremely fast speed, and it is more privacy secured compared to many web browsers out there.

Furthermore, Mozilla Firefox doesn’t use Chrome-based source code. Instead, it has an HTML rendering engine. Also, it has add-ons support, just like Chrome’s extension support.

What’s more? The web browser is also well designed and comes with all the features that will surely enhance your web browsing experience making it one of the best web browsers for windows 10.

2. Google Chrome – the free browser for windows 10

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most widely used popular web browsers. Google Chrome is pretty fast, and it was developed for the Chromium browser project.

This one is a stable browser that receives regular updates, and it is maintained regularly. As a result, you are less likely to face any issues with Chrome.

However, the only drawback of the browser is its high memory and chrome optimizations. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any concrete solution to this problem.

But Google Chrome comes with all the necessary features that you want. Such as bookmarking your favorite links, saving and managing passwords, addressing autofill, changing themes and colors, and so on making it one of the best browsers for Windows 10.

Also, it comes with multiple login features. As a result, you can use a single browser to manage multiple accounts and use them individually.

3. Microsoft Edge

Next, there is Microsoft Edge, and this one is also one of the best browsers for Windows 10 that you can download for free from the Microsoft Store. 

The current Edge browser is based on Chromium, and it is different from the Legacy Edge browser introduced with the Windows 10 Creator update.

The latest Edge runs on Chromium based source code instead of the EdgeHTML engine. Also, it is now the default browser for Windows PCs.

Microsoft Edge is pretty much like Google Chrome. As the Microsoft developers have remodeled the source code for Microsoft.

However, as far as the features are concerned, this one allows you to sign in with your Microsoft account. Also, it supports both Microsoft 356 and a free Hotmail Live Account.

The MS account sign can sync your data across all the signed in devices which is the same thing on Google Chrome. Also, Edge supports all the Chrome extensions, and it comes with a simple looking design.

4. Opera Browser – what is the best browser for windows 10 without ads?

If you have ever used a Symbian phone, then you probably know about Opera Mini. It was a Java- based web browser for the early days of smartphones. However, over the years, the browser has evolved to become a mainstream web browser for Windows.

Although, the Opera browser in terms of popularity, isn’t as huge as Chrome or Mozilla. But the browser gets actively developed, and newer features get introduced from time to time.

The browser is based on Firefox source code/blink-engine and chromium based source code. As a result, the browser provides a decent speed and HTML rendering.

The browser also has a left bar with all the web apps. This allows us to open our favorite apps quickly. Also, the best part of Opera is that it supports both Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons. Plus, it comes with pre-installed AdBlocking, website tracing, and VPN support in private mode.

5. Brave Browser

In comparison to all the above mentioned browsers, Brave Browser is the new kid in the town. But the browser has quickly gained a lot of popularity and comes with lots of cool features.

One of the highlights of the Browser is that it comes with a built-in ad blocker. Also, the browser is privacy focused. As a result, it’s privacy mode comes with Tor for more privacy and security.

The web browser has a pay-to-surf model that promotes sharing part of the ad revenue earned by Brave to the users.

Also, the website’s tracker blocker allows you to browse the internet freely. As a result, no one will be able to track your activities on the web. Plus, there will be fewer ads with no loss of privacy.

Moreover, the Brave browser supports more than 20 search engines. But the feature doesn’t really help because most of us use Google. But the browser is pretty fast and gets frequent stable updates.

6. Vivaldi Browser

You can also check out Vivaldi Browser. The co-founders of Opera originally developed the Vivaldi. As a result, the Vivaldi browser is extremely similar to Opera.

The browser is also based on Chromium and Blink Engine. As a result, the browser supports all the Chrome extensions without any issues.

Also, one of the highlighted features of Vivaldi Browser is that it is extremely customizable. Also, it comes with an adaptive UI that instantaneously changes the color of the tabs and related areas according to the color theme of the website you are visiting.

For instance, if you visit Facebook.com, the browser color will get changed to blue.

Furthermore, the browser also has lots of unique features like mouse gestures. Plus, it comes with data sync, not taking, split screen view, and so on.

7. Torch Browser – the best web browsers for windows 10 and other systems

Up next, I have the Torch Browser. This one is also a chromium based web browser that comes with a built-in torrent downloader. As a result, you will directly be able to open and download torrent files from your competitor. So there is no need for you to install a torrent client on your PC.

Being a chromium based browser, the speed of it is the same as the Chrome browser. However, it comes with a media grabber tool. That allows you to download any videos, audio files from any website.

Torch also comes with download accelerators like the turbo mode of opera. So you can enjoy a better speed while downloading files.

Also, the user interface of the browser is pretty similar to Google Chrome. As a result, you will not really find a hard time getting started with the Torch browser.

What’s more? It also comes with a built-in player that lets you stream torrent files and videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook and others.

So that was a quick answer to your question: what is the best browser for Windows 10 question. There are lots of web browsers available out there for different purposes. For instance, if you want to enjoy a fast browsing experience, go with Mozilla. For privacy, you can try out Brave browser. So go ahead and check these browsers out and see which one you like the most.