Norton Utilities Premium – reviews, benefits, premium vs ultimate

Benefits of Norton Utilities Premium

Norton Utility Premium is one of the world’s largest PC cleaners that helps you optimize the CPU’s processing power, security software, free up space on the PC for easy access to programs and fixes common issues found on the PC, the hard drive and the memory; it’s automatically used for better performance. Norton Utilities Premium identifies and helps you remove unwanted startup programs that slow your system down, groups your file for quicker processing and retrieval. You may not need another maintenance tool for your PC. It repairs and optimizes your window registry to help stabilize and launch programs faster with an easy to use interface.

It enhances the speed of your computer, configures, blocks bloatware at startup and all potential dangerous programs are disabled at startup automatically, and maintains your digital privacy and security by helping you erase files safely. It helps dispose of documents, analyze your computer performance, notifies you if there is any detected  problem found on your PC, deletes all sorts of cookies including tracking cookies, optimizes CPU to work like brand new, RAM, drives and monitors real-time systems, improves and extends the life of drives, recovers files, shredding capabilities with no subscription fee. Norton utilities enhance your PC in different areas; the real-time system monitors function and enables a close inspection on files so that your PC can be more effective. Norton Utilities Premium keeps your PC running like brand new. Norton Utilities Premium takes an approach to manage PC’s memory , maintains a smooth PC functioning with a user-friendly and straightforward dashboard unlike other PC optimizers and cleaners. It eases all tasks, keeping your PC running smoothing and healthy. 

Supported Operating systems are Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11.

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Benefits of Norton Utilities Premium

  • It identifies and helps remove any program that slows down your PC.
  • Free up space for faster access and usage, and clears space on your hard drives.
  • Safely disposes all personal documents while preventing external access.
  • Enables you to erase your browser file download by maintaining digital privacy.
  • Prevents system crash and clogging.
  • Enhances streaming, gaming experience, and editing.
  • Reduces Boot time and slow program launching.
  • Monitors dark web watching all malicious activity and illegal purchasing of informations on the internet.
  • Outstanding customer support service that renders 24/7 chats support with standby support specialists. 

Comprehensive Feature set on Norton Utilities Premium are;

Automatic Clean up ( Internet clean up and Window clean up), Files shredder, System Dashboard, Startup Optimizer, Disk Defragmentation ( ie grouping your file for easy access and to make your PC operate faster ), safe trashing of all junks and manage tools to adjust hidden window settings. With Norton Utilities Premium all frustrations while using a PC are sure to be cleared. 

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How Much Does Norton Utilities Premium Cost

Norton Utilities Premium costs USD39.99 per year. By subscribing, you are purchasing a recurring subscription which will automatically renew. Your subscription covers every service, product, updates, features that may be later added. You can upgrade your subscription to the Ultimate package at any time you want. You can request for a full refund within 60 days of being charged for each annual renewal you subscribe to. From reviews Norton Utilities Premium is slightly expensive and second to none.

Norton Utilities Premium Reviews

A brief review on Norton Utilities Premium 

ContentRate (%)
Customer Support90

Review Summary

We like

  • Contemporary User Interface.
  • Single turn-up capabilities.
  • A broad set of turn-up tools.
  • Reasonable price.
  • CPU optimizer.
  • A comprehensive toolset.
  • Boost performance.

We don’t like

  • Zero desktop widget.
  • License limitation. 
  • Windows only.
  • It is slightly expensive.

Norton Utilities Premium is one of the best PC security software in the world. It is competitively priced with advanced features. Norton Utilities Premium serves as a bridge for other security and protection software to keep your PC updated and attain the highest performance.

Reviews On Reddit

Reviews on Reddit are fairly pleasant or raging users lash out their experience of using Norton Utilities Premium. Reviews show how Norton Utilities Premium is a good real time protection for your PC with a great customer support system. Recently upgrades made Norton Utilities Premium faster and more effective than ever. 

Norton Utilities Premium Vs Norton Utilities Ultimate

Norton Utilities Ultimate has a lot more to offer the Norton Utilities Premium, it includes more features like recovery, registry cleanup, net booster, Drive scrubber, and all the other features that Norton Utilities Premium have at no additional cost. Norton Utilities Ultimate cost USD39.99 42% of original price of USD69.99 per year, and the price is same as that of Norton Utilities Premium. Norton Utilities Ultimate is limited to certain regions of the world. With Norton Utilities Ultimate may not need any maintenance tool for your PC, its feature covers all necessary tools you need to keep your PC healthier even though it’s expensive. 

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Is Norton Utilities Premium Included In Norton 360?

Norton Utilities premium is included in Norton Utilities 360 when you renew your current subscription. The Norton Utilities Premium features are automatically connected to Norton Utilities 360 without any additional cost. And when your subscription expires you would no longer have any free Norton Utilities Premium features. The Norton 360 Premium helps to optimize your Mac processing power, the drive and memory for better performance automatically. It includes a high malware protection up to 10 PCs, iOS devices, Mac, and android; with parental control, password manager to store and backup, safecam ware for your PC, cloud backup, threat protection and secure VPN. Now since the Norton 360 has an unlimited feature and multiple offers, it adds to any security you already have in your PC.

Does Norton Utilities Premium Work On Mac?

Norton Utilities Premium works on mac. It is available for Mac and it works on current and previous two versions of Mac OS. Norton Utilities Premium makes your Mac safe and secure always. It removes malware, helps to optimize your mac processing power, hard drive and memory for better performance automatically by cleaning the window. If you don’t have any other antivirus software on your PC Norton Utilities Premium will make your Mac faster and healthier. And if you have another antivirus software on your PC already Norton Utilities Premium may slow your PC download. It is advisable you disable any other antivirus software and work with Norton.