TOP chrome extensions – our must-have

Google Chrome extension

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser. It is fast, free, and secure and was built by Google. A browser extension is a small piece of software that is used for customizing a web browser. It adds features and functionality to web browsers. Browser extensions can also be called plug-ins. Google Chrome has hundreds of thousands of extensions available. This article discusses the top-recommended chrome extensions that you must have on your browser that are useful and provide great capabilities. 

The majority of Google Chrome extensions belong to the Productivity, Fun, and Photo applications category. The smaller proportion belongs to the Developer tools, Accessibility, and Social and Communication applications. Chrome extensions are made by a large variety of developers. Extensions are safe to use, however, you must proceed with caution when installing extensions that have very few reviews or downloads. Many extensions are free but some of them require paid versions for added benefits and features. You should make sure that you trust the extension you are downloading since many extensions can see your activity online, retain your browsing information, and even capture your passwords. Below is a list of our must-have chrome extensions. 

List of the best Google Chrome extension

Google Calendar 

Google calendar is best for anyone who wants to stay organized. It is one of the best and most popular calendar tools available. It helps users keep track of events, schedule reminders, set up tasks, share calendars, and much more. You can also send invitations and manage RSVPs. Some of its great features include a year view, schedule view, world clock, add appointments, etc. 


Grammarly is a must-have for writers. It helps them optimize their content and also check for plagiarism. It is one of the best chrome extensions out there and it is highly recommended to use this if you write content. It is also a grammar and spelling checker that has a nice and simple interface. This is one of the extensions that require a paid version for added advantages. The paid version gets you to access tone adjustment, word choice, formality levels, etc. Some other great features include fluency check, punctuation, clarity, engagement, delivery, and correctness. It is popular with writers from different backgrounds who benefit from using Grammarly for written content. The basic version is free while the premium and business version is $12 and $12.50 per month respectively. 


Loom is a video communication tool designed for the staff of small to medium-sized enterprises. Loom is a very useful chrome extension created for the workplace. Employees can record their screen, voice, and face, using a few clicks to create videos. Loom is useful for business owners and employees to quickly communicate via video or audio. You get a free 14 days trial for the Business version and then you pay $8 per month if you like it. The starter version is free but you need to contact Loom for Enterprise pricing. The most common features include video capture, scrolling capture, platform search, screen capture, file sharing, and image editor. 

HubSpot Sales

This is designed for large businesses that need an efficient method for managing customer relations. HubSpot Sales is a very useful and powerful customer relationship management chrome extension. HubSpot offers a great system for large corporations to store and manage customer information. The chrome extension includes sales engagement and analytical tools that can help you improve your business. It offers businesses deeper insight into their customers and helps improve customer management. It is on the pricey side even though you can use it for free. The Starter version costs $45 per month, the Professional version costs $450 per month and the Enterprise version is $1200 per month. Before you get on any of these plans you get to have a 14-day free trial. 


If you need a reliable and versatile password manager, then Lastpass is a cool chrome extension to download. It is a password manager that is packed with many features to help keep your passwords safe. You can share your password with friends and family securely. Some of its features include two-factor authentication, fingerprint login, mobile app unlock pin, automatic form filler, and password generator. You can get between 14 to 30 days of trial depending on the package you choose. The premium package costs $3 a month, while the family and teams package cost $4 a month. The business package costs $6 a month even though you can still use this extension for free. 


Everhour is an important chrome extension suited for freelancers and teams to track the time they spend on projects. Everhour is a cool online time tracker extension that allows you to track the time spent on different projects and creates billable invoices based on them. It is packed with a range of useful and cool features such as project management, expense tracking, reports and dashboards, resource planning tools, and sending invoices. It is perfect for small business teams or freelancers. It has a simple interface so new users can easily adapt to it. The premium service costs $8.50 per month after completing a 14-day trial. 

Awesome Screenshot

This extension is best for users that need to take high-quality screenshots. It Is designed for casual users and designers that require high-standard screen recording and screenshot features. It is a cool chrome extension that can add annotations and text screenshots for quick and easy feedback. Awesome Screenshot lets you upload captured images in many different ways including via the extension itself, drag and drop the image, copying the image and pasting to a clipboard, and choosing the image from your computer. The annotations and text tool make it easy to provide feedback. It is one of the top must-have tools for designers. You can use it for free but the basic version costs $4/month, $5/month for the professional version, and $25/month for five users. 

Adblock Plus

Adblock is one of the topmost trusted extensions on Google chrome. Adblock Plus has been downloaded over 500 million times. It comes packed with features such as block pop-ups, and privacy from trackers, it fights off destructive malvertising that hides in ads, blocks video ads and banners, gives you a faster browser experience, and customizable features like whitelisting of favorite websites. 


If you work in different time zones or need quick access to different time zones then this extension is good for you. Having FoxClocks in your browser’s status bar helps keep you on track. You can click on the FoxClocks icon near your address bar for quick access to time zones without ever leaving the current page.  


This is a website blocking tool that offers a wide range of custom features. StayFocused gives you the ability to block websites for a while. You can also block in-page content selectively such as videos and images, so you can focus on other tasks. Its main features include time tracking on websites, blocking websites for a time, blocking notifications, pause and play feature, and app usage and history views. StayFocused comes completely free. 


Rescue time is another similar app used for time-tracking. It is a popular productivity app that offers deep insights into your activity. It comes highly recommended as it helps users understand how their time is spent at home and on the go. RescueTime is compatible with desktop and smartphone devices. It is designed for personal use and comes with more features such as weekly email summary activity, website blocking, computer activity recording, monitoring time spent on phone calls and meetings, and productive vs unproductive days comparison. The premium plan costs $9 per month and can be used for free as well. 


Buffer is a social media management tool that is made for driving customer engagement. It’s a versatile tool that offers great results such as social media performance analyzer, tools for publishing, and engagement enhancement. Social media marketers who want to stay on top of their business and collaborate for an optimized presence can benefit from Buffer’s essential tools. Buffer can be used for free but you can upgrade to the Essentials package for $5 a month. 

Oberlo AliExpress Product Importer 

Oberlo AliExpress Product Importer offers e-commerce business owners an interface for browsing for products on the AliExpress marketplace. It lets them purchase items through the app directly and run a dropshipping business from anywhere in the world. Its features include quick product imports from the AliExpress marketplace, easy sample ordering, and import syncing between Shopify and AliExpress. The Explorer version is free while the Boss version costs $29.90 a month. 

Evernote Web Clipper 

This extension helps you to quickly save snippets of information. Many times we keep many tabs open because you need information from them. Evernote Web clipper helps you grab that information and saves it where it is safe so you can easily access it when you need it. You can clip web pages, PDFs, articles, etc, and save them in Evernote. You can also screen capture pages or just sections of the page you want without annoying ads distracting you. 

There are plenty of chrome extensions available. The most popular category for chrome extensions belongs to Productivity applications, both on a personal and business level. Google Calendar is one of the most popular Chrome extensions and it stands out for its simple but highly effective application that helps you stay organized. RescueTime is a recommended choice for users who need to manage their time effectively. Finally, Loom is a great tool for powerful screen and audio capturing capabilities.