How to read Instagram messages without being seen

how to read instagram messages without being seen

In this article, you will learn how to open Instagram messages without being seen. There are a couple of ways to do this and it is good to note that there is no in-app functionality that lets you view Instagram messages without them knowing. If you click on a notification about a new direct message you received on Instagram, or if you go to your inbox and click on a new direct message that is unread, as soon as you open it becomes marked as seen. If you have opened and you don’t reply the sender will see Seen beneath the last text that was sent and you can see it as well. And also if you have sent a message on Instagram and you notice that after a couple of minutes or so, you’ll notice a seen sign appears below your message, this happens because the recipient has seen your message. Even if they did not send a reply Instagram still informs the last sender that their message has been seen by the receiver. 

Instagram also shows how long ago the message was seen. For example, if I send a message to my friend and they open it, I will see ‘Seen 10m ago’. That means that at the time that I checked to see if they had responded and the time they had seen the message, 10 minutes had gone by. Instagram indicates this with a label below. If you want to know how to look at Instagram messages without being seen, this article is for you. There are a couple of ways to open Instagram messages without them knowing. 

These are hacks and it requires being creative. The first method we will discuss is to use the restrict feature. Restricting the user is one of the best ways to read Instagram messages without being seen. 

Using the Restrict feature to read messages without being seen 

The restrict feature was specially designed to tackle bullying or harassment however it works to look at Instagram messages without being seen. To do this, open the Instagram app on your phone and go to the person’s profile that you want to view their Instagram message without being seen. 

To locate the restrict button, click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of their page and tap on it. You will see some options pop out on your screen, then select Restrict. That’s all you have to do to restrict them and whenever this person sends you a message you will be able to look at messages without them knowing. Their messages appear under Message requests and you can now see their messages. However, you will not be able to view any videos or posts they send you. 

Once they are back to being unrestricted, then you will go back to having them know that you have seen the message. Fortunately, the message becomes unread again in your inbox and you already know the details of the message, without leaving them restricted. 

Turn off your Wi-Fi to read messages on Instagram without being seen 

The next method is to turn off your Wi-Fi. Before we do this, remember that you must not click on the notification that you get when you receive a message from the person that you want to look at their message without them knowing. Otherwise, it will take you straight to the message and this will kill the purpose. 

To do this, after you have received messages from the person that you want to read their Instagram message without being seen, go to your inbox without clicking the message. Then turn off your wifi. A quick way to do this is to put your phone in aeroplane mode. If you have an iPhone, just swipe down on the top left side of the screen. At the top left section, tap on the aeroplane sign. If you use an Android device, swipe down from any top part of the screen, locate the airplane button and then tap on it. 

After you open the message, the only problem is that when we reconnect to Wi-Fi it will be marked as seen unless you log out of your account. So after viewing the message in aeroplane mode make sure you log out by going to Settings and then scroll down to log out. 

If you use an Android device, to log out go to your Phone Settings, select Apps, locate Instagram and then force stop so that it no longer runs in the background. 

Now you can go back online and the message won’t be marked as seen.