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Lightsabers provide a powerful aesthetic to the Star Wars universe. They can cut through almost any material and are depicted as difficult arms to hold steady because of their power source, the lightsaber crystal. The popular plasma blade comes from the lightsaber crystal. 

This article reviews SabersMasters ultimate lightsabers in 2022, where to buy SaberMasters, how long it takes to ship, and the legitimacy of SaberMasters. 

SaberMasters ultimate lightsaber reviews in 2022

A lot of customers think that the ultimate lightsaber is worth the purchase. You get two lightsabers for one when you purchase from SaberMasters in 2022, and they come with a connector so you can make a saber staff. You can make your custom design on the grip. The ultimate lightsaber from SaberMasters comes with different sound effects. You can go noiseless if you want to spin it around without making any noise, and if you prefer sound, they make movie-accurate voices while you swing the lightsaber around. They also have sound effects for reflections and electric sound effects. Also, they don’t break because there is a bulb in the saber instead of the bar. 

Ultimate Lightsaber 2.0 Price
Ultimate Lightsaber 2.0 Price

SaberMasters ultimate lightsaber is the perfect saber for making fun videos or for sparring with your friends. If you are new to using lightsabers, you will find the controls difficult to use. SaberMasters lightsabers come highly recommended if you are looking for the best lightsaber. 

If you are new to using lightsabers, turn them on by pressing and releasing the button control. 

To hear the blaster deflection sound feature, press the first button on the lightsaber. Every time you touch it, it changes the pulsation pattern. 

The lightsaber also has a flash-on clash mode that flashes when you fight. 

Press and hold down the main button for two flashes, and immediately press and hold it to see all the different colors. Here you will see all the different colors you can choose. 

To change the volume, press and hold the main button until it flashes three times, and then hold it again, and you will notice the sound volume getting louder and quieter. Repeat this until you get to your desired sound volume. 

Turn off the lightsaber by pressing and holding the main button. You will notice the light flash three or four times, and it goes off. 

To change the sound settings, press and hold the main button until the lightsaber flashes once, then release the button. The lightsaber says the font name, then press the button again to accept. The sound settings are called fonts. Font 2 sounds very robotic. 

If you don’t want the lightsaber to make any noise, press and hold the main button and release it immediately after the flash comes on, then press again, and you will notice the sound is off. 

To turn your lightsaber into a saber staff is very simple. Take the connector and screw it to the bottom of the lightsaber. Do not over-tighten the connector. Next, grab the other end and screw it on, and then you have your saber staff. 

Is SaberMasters legit? 

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SaberMasters is legit. It has a rating of 4.1 on Trustpilot, which is a great score. There are 153 reviews about SaberMasters on Trustpilot. 66% of people think that the SaberMasters ultimate lightsaber is excellent, with a rating of 5. 12% think it’s great, while 8% think it is average or poor. Oddly, 14 % say that the SaberMasters ultimate lightsaber is Bad.

With all this information, including reviews on Amazon and the SaberMasters website, SaberMaster is legit. 

The team behind SaberMasters are Blagovest and Viktor. They have been Star Wars fans for a very long time. They enjoyed acting out their favorite scenes and sparring with lightsabers. The frustration of having broken sabers to suppliers reluctantly responded to feedback motivated them to start SaberMasters. The team wanted to create the best quality lightsabers, so they applied their training as marketers and business management to bring the highest quality lightsabers to the community. 

The results of their effort have been the best quality lightsabers that complement any Star Wars costume and battle reenactment. They have received over 10,000 orders so far. Read on to find out where to buy SaberMasters lightsabers. 

Where to buy Saber Masters? 

You can buy SaberMasters lightsaber from the official SaberMasters website, 

You may not find SaberMasters lightsaber on Amazon, eBay, etc. but you can purchase other brands of lightsabers using the following links: 

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Ultrasabers

How long does it take for Saber Masters to ship? 

When you order from the official SaberMasters website at, the processing time for orders takes 3-4 business days (maximum) to get shipped. SaberMasters lightsabers can be shipped to all parts of the world. A tracking number is received whenever an order is ready to be shipped. You will usually receive the tracking number within four business days after completing an order. Also, you get a one-year free warranty when you buy from If you need to return an order you can do so within 30 days as long the lightsaber is in good condition and is in its original packaging. Note that shipping costs are non-refundable. If you place an order and you want to make any changes, it is advised to do so within 24 hours of placing the order.