How to get water out of your phone speaker

If you’re lucky, when water gets in your phone you can get the water out of your phone speakers. If your phone gets in contact with water there will be some water trapped inside the speakers. The good news is that you don’t have to put it in rice or mess up your phone with salt. Even though these could work, there are much easier and quicker ways to get rid of water stuck in your phone speakers. We will discuss in detail how to do these with a few simple steps.

Latest phones are water-resistant but sometimes when it gets in water the water does not completely come out especially inside the speaker grill and this creates issues with the sound quality. You might notice a distorted sound, but there is an easy way to fix this. You can remove the water by using sound waves. It works by setting up a specific frequency.

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How to eject water from Iphone?

On an iPhone, you can set up a Siri shortcut to eject water. Open the Shortcuts application on your iPhone and select Water Eject. If you don’t have this shortcut set up on your phone tap on this link on your iPhone: to add the shortcut to your shortcuts menu.

Select Get Shortcut and when the shortcut app opens you will see it in the My Shortcuts menu. To get water out of your iPhone speakers tap Water Eject, a menu pops up, then select Start. Next, you have the option to choose the intensity of the sound waves. Select 3 for the best outcome and turn your phone upside down. Make sure your phone is not connected to a headset or external third party speakers, or else this will not work. This shortcut works on all iPhone models that have Siri shortcut capability, and it also works with iPad and iPods that are running the latest software.

You can also download an app called Sonic. Download the app from the App Store and once it is installed launch it. This app also uses sound waves to help you get water out from your iPhone. You have options of low pitched and high pitched sounds to test to give you the best results.

How to eject water from Android?

On your Android device, you can use a similar app called Speaker Cleaner to remove water from your phone. Again, make sure that your phone is disconnected from any headset/earphones device and that your phone is turned face down while the sound is playing. Wait to hear the sound of the water leaving your phone speakers. A cool feature about this app is that it has a manual mode that allows you to set the frequency. It starts at a minimum of 151Hz and goes up to 500Hz. The sound waves use high and low frequencies to push the water out of your phone speakers. There are other speaker cleaner apps on the Google play store that are free and can easily do the work for you.

Having water droplets stuck in your phone can be harmful to your device and it is also really annoying when you receive a phone call and it becomes difficult to hear the person on the other side of the phone call. The Water eject feature for iPhone is a quick and easy way to remove water from your device even though the application is not an inbuilt application from Apple. If this method is not working out for you, there are other methods you can use to remove water from your phone speakers.

Other ways to get water out of your phone – how to do it?

The first thing you can do is to try using gravity. Gently tap on your phone’s speaker while it’s pointing to the floor. You can do the same thing on the frame of your phone to get the water out. Tapping on your phone will allow the water droplets to flow to the ground from your phone speakers. If you do not want to try any of these methods and you do not want to download any app, you can just go on Youtube and search for sounds to remove water from your speakers. You will have a variety of sounds to pick from. You can also use this website to play sounds that can get water out of a phone speaker. Visit the website and then tap on the frequency you wish. For example 200Hz, and press play. This will also help get water out of your phone’s speaker with ease.

If you don’t feel comfortable with all of the methods described above, you can use rice. Using rice is a very popular method advocated by many. It works great for removing water from your phone because it is a good absorbent. To use rice, make sure your phone is switched off and then submerge completely in uncooked rice for a couple of days. This trick is also helpful when you have moisture inside your camera lens and charging port.

Silica gel is another great tool that works to get water out of your iPhone. These packets can be found in shoe boxes, bags or other items that you buy. They make sure that your items are not damaged by humidity. If you have some silica gel you can use them to get water out of your phone speaker. To do this, tear open the silica gel and make sure that your phone is completely covered in them. Be careful not to burst the beads of silica while you do this. Leave them for a day or two for your phone speakers to get off the water.

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