How to download reddit videos on Android / Iphones

How to download reddit videos on android / iphones

Reddit is a very popular social news and content application. If you want to learn how to download videos on your smartphone with sound on Reddit then keep reading this article. Reddit is used by millions of ‘Redditors’ worldwide and the name comes from a contraction of “Read it”. You can find topics in relation to politics, programming, sports, world news, religion, or even funny captions.

Reddit is the gateway to everything interesting going on in the world. It is like reading the daily newspaper except that it is interactive and always timely. It works by people submitting links to reddit, either blog posts, images or videos and then other people vote the links up or down. This feature turns reddit into a list of the best things on the internet that people are reading or watching.

Copy the URL of the Reddit video to download it

To download reddit videos with sound on your android device, first, you have to download the reddit application on your phone from the Google Playstore. When you have downloaded the app, open it and go to your home page. If you see a video that you want to download on your Android device, click on the Share button. You will see many apps pop up that you can share to but we just want to copy it. So, get the link by either sharing the link to Notes or you can share to any app but do not hit send just copy the link. Open a browser on your phone, for example, Chrome, on the search bar, type ‘’.

When the link is open, paste the link you copied from the reddit app on the Reddit Video Downloader section of the page and press Download. You will see the video with audio included and options to download in SD quality or in HD. Select your preference and download by pressing the button related to each. Next, you will see more details of the maximum quality you can download this video in, select it and then your video will start downloading. It is very easy and fast to save reddit videos on Android with sound. To download Reddit videos on iPhone with sound, follow the instructions below.

To download reddit videos on your iPhone with sound, the process is very similar. First of all, make sure you have downloaded the app and then open it. Go to any section that you like and when you find a video you would like to save on your device, open it. At the bottom of the screen click on Share. Swipe left on all the options on the bottom section of the places/apps you can share to locate Save Video. Click on it and then your video automatically saves to your device. To see it, go to your Gallery and then you can see that your video has now been saved on your iPhone.

However, using these methods has its disadvantages. Reddit does not want people to save videos so they have placed a limit on the videos that can be downloaded. To overcome this, you can use a Reddit Client app as discussed below.

Reddit Video Downloader apps – how to use them?

There are other ways to save Reddit videos on your Android device. On Google PlayStore, download Revvid – is a Reddit video downloader app that is lightweight and free for downloading videos and gfycat Gits on Reddit. With Revvid you can select the video quality you wish, select the location you want to download the video and download videos with audio. After you download the video, get the URL of the video similarly to the ways discussed above. Open the Revvit app and paste the link in the box then select Get Info. Next, you will see details of the video with options to select the video quality you prefer to download. Select your download quality preference and your video starts to automatically download.

On your iPhone, you can download an app called Slide for Reddit. It’s a Reddit video downloader app that lets you save Reddit videos to your iPhone from Reddit with sound. Go to the App Store and download the app, then go to the video you want to save on the Reddit app. Tap to open it and then you will see Download at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it to save it to your iPhone and that’s it, you now have your Reddit video saved on your iPhone with audio. It’s important to note that you can’t download videos that are hosted on other platforms, for example, Youtube.