Is pTron a Chinese company? Reviews, owner, country brand

Is pTron a Chinese company

Ptron is a company that manufactures mobile accessories and electronic devices. Have you ever wondered if pTron is a Chinese company, its company origin, or details about its owner and company review? Look no further, as we will also review some pTron top brands and find out if pTron is a good company for earphones. 

PTron belongs to which country? 

PTron is not a Chinese company, pTrons’ company origin is India. The company was founded 8 years ago by Ameen Khwaja. He is also the CEO of Paired Electronics which is also an Indian company and a subsidiary of Paired Electronics. It is headquartered in Hyderabad, India, and its products are manufactured in China, that’s why you see China as the company origin on its product description. The elements used for manufacturing the products are made in India. PTron makes bluetooth headsets, portable speakers, cables, chargers, smartwatches and networking products. It has gained a hold on the audio market with its high-quality audio products that won’t make you break the bank. It is well known for providing its customers with great specifications for your money.  

In the first two years of the company’s launch, it had ₹50 crores in sales from selling over one million products. In 2019, it had sold over 5 million devices – headphones, smartwatches, audio devices and power banks. You can find pTron products on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, in many countries such as Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, the United States, Indonesia and Israel. In India, Hyderabad (company origin), Delhi and Chennai are where the largest markets are located. It has over 1000 offline retailers and more than 40 distributors throughout India. It is important that you know that some of its earphones are not great so below we will help you discover if pTron is a good company for earphones. 

Is PTron a good company for earphones?

PTrons’ assembly plant in India is expected to operate two-thirds of its manufacturing needs. Its Bass Buds True Wireless Stereo earbuds sold over 10000 within the first three days. It is well known for creating cost-effective high quality products, so it’s worth buying. Because of how popular pTron is there are so many reviews about its products. In Q2 2020, pTron recorded sales of 7.87 lakh units compared to 2.46 lakh units in Q1 2020, as cited from Wikipedia. So to answer the question, Yes, pTron is a good brand for earphones. To learn more we will review the latest entry of pTrons’ earphones, the pTron BassBuds Tango. 

The BassBuds Tango from pTron is a new and budget-friendly entry from the True Wireless Stereo collection. It is priced at Rs 1299, however, is it a good earphone brand? It sounds good and enjoyable although some users say it sounds flat and the audio output is not substantial. It’s great that the volume can get very loud with good noise cancellation owing to its silicone buds. It quickly connects to your device as soon as you remove the buds from the case. It limits you from connectivity when you are beyond 9-10 meters away from the device or if you are two walls away from your phone. It has some touch-based controls that have great sensitivity as well. When you are far from your phone and your phone’s ringing, it calls out the phone number of the caller. 

It lasts you a week on a full charge on moderate use, even though some people find that charging takes a little too long to reach full charge. If you are tight on your budget, and you want a reliable and simple pair of earphones, the pTron Tango is not a bad choice for an entry-level product. It has a decent sound quality with great connectivity and gesture support. The downside, however, remains that it does not have a good call quality while outdoors. Despite the fact it has Environmental Noise Cancellations (ENC),  the call quality outdoors is not so great, but it works well indoors. 

Top pTron brands review 

1. Smartwatch – pTron Force X11.

This smartwatch combines a lot of features. PTron is one of the new entrants into the smartwatch market. With lots of competition in the market, brands are creating innovative options. The pTron Force X11 is branded as a “Bluetooth calling fitness smartwatch”. It comes in a 1.7ing HD color display with an IP68 rating for water resistance, and comfortable straps. It has high levels of touch sensitivity and a sleek frame. It includes a lot of workout modes to choose from and in terms of it being branded as a Bluetooth calling device, there is a microphone located onboard that lets you make calls or receive calls when the device is paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The is a speaker on the watch that is very loud so music and other notifications are audible, but you need to bring it near your mouth to speak. It comes with blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen sensors and heart rate monitors, to stay connected to your device, download its companion app Da Fit on the App Store or Google Play Store. It lasts up to five days on full charge even with the brightness level on the highest. It is priced at Rs 2799 on Amazon. 

2. Gaming Wireless Neckband – pTron Tangent Jade. 

Gaming earphones are needed when we want to play games without distractions from our environment. pTron released an ENC wireless gaming neckband named Tangent Jade. It has strong strips and comfortable earbuds to suit everyone’s ears. It has a great sound quality and works great at noise cancellations to help you get fully concentrated on your game, and an HD mic so you can communicate clearly with other players. It has a playtime life of 25 hours, which is a long time to play without worrying about charging your device. It comes with Bluetooth 5.2, so you can hear sounds within a 10-meter range. 

It also comes with a voice assistant to help you know if it is connected to any devices or whether it is on or off. There is lightning on the neckband strips which look very cool, but it might drain the battery faster. The neckband is great for gamers and is available on many websites and retail stores for Rs 3199. 

3. Earbuds – pTron BassBuds Duo

BassBuds Duo is a part of the True Wireless Stereo collection and one of the newest additions to the Bassbuds series. It features a touch-enabled control with Bluetooth 5.1 and comes inbuilt with HD mics to endure call clarity. Ergonomically designed and it features 13mm, dynamic drivers, to achieve a balanced bass and stereo sound. They are lightweight and have a ‘snug-fit’ design to make sure it stays put in your ears. It has been rated IPX4 for water and sweat resistance. Connectivity operates within a space of 10 meters with touch controls for users to easily receive and end calls, control music playback, control the volume or interact with your smartphone voice assistant. The earbuds are Type-C fast charging enabled and each earbud has a 35mAh battery and the charging case has 300mAh, so it provides about 15 hours of battery life with the charging case. You can find them on Amazon and are priced at Rs 799.