How To Update Magento?


This article is written for specialists using Magento who want to update this software.

Before we look into how to update Magento, we will first go through what Magento is for people who are not familiar with this concept. We have made easy-to-follow steps that will make the process simple for you. To help you decide better, we have included the advantages and disadvantages of Magneto along with the Magento update price.

Magento is one of the e-commerce platforms that is built on an open-source technology that allows online merchants to offer a shopping cart facility. It is built using the Zend Framework. Brands can also control the outlook, the functionality of the store, and the content displayed. Magento has high features that offer strong marketing, optimized search engines, and catalog-management tools. 

Now let us go through how to update Magento 2 by using the command prompt and composer. Before we get into the details of the process, we have listed an overview of the steps. Follow all the points correctly to get the desired results. 

To update Magento 2

Step 1- Backup your store

Step 2- Turn on the maintenance mode

Step 3- Upgrade to Magento 2

Step 4- Check the existing Magento 2’s version

Step 1- Backup your store

Nobody wants to lose their data. It is crucial to build a backup for your Magento 2 site so that you can prevent all of your data from disappearing. You can run the backup through Backup Management. If there is any break on the site, all the backup data will be stored on the Magento Update database

Step 2- Turn on the maintenance mode

During upgrading, you should leave your account in maintenance mode. You can enable the maintenance mode by clicking on

php bin/magento maintenance : enable

Then a new file will be created. If you are unable to disable the maintenance mode, you can simply delete this file. 

var/. maintenance.flag. 

Step 3- Upgrade to Magento 2

You can upgrade it to whichever version you prefer. Once done you will have to pull the package using a command 


After that, you will have to fill in your username and password. When you have finished doing that, you have to remove the cache. You can clear the cache by entering this command in the root folder.

rm -rf var/cache/*

rm -rf var/page_cache/*

rm -rf var/generation/*

After entering the command line, you can run the Magento by typing the following command. 

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Once you are done running the update, you can compile and reindex so that the program offers better performance. You can then disable the maintenance mode, which was turned on earlier. You can turn it off by entering this command.

php bin/magento maintenance: disable 

Step 4- Check the current Magento 2’s version

Now you have reached the final step, and you can check the latest version by running this command. Check whether the new version is running correctly, and providing the desired performance and if there is any issue, you can contact their customer support. 

php bin/magento  –version

Benefits of using Magento 2

If you are unsure why some use Magento 2 we have compiled a list of benefits Magento provides to its users. They are:-

  • Magento 2 offers better performance and is scalable.
  • It offers a better experience for customers.
  • Magento 2 can be used on mobile phones as well.
  • It is a powerful platform and has a lot of products.
  • Magento 2 offers advanced search options where you can search in detail. 
  • The reporting facility offered by the platform submits reports about all the changes being made on the website.
  • The advanced features ensure that the website is continually optimized and prevents traffic. 
  • The data of the customers are stored securely in the Magento database. 
  • Magento allows popular brands to integrate.
  • You can customize the unlimited platform times. As all brands are different, this platform allows you to customize all the brands separately. 
  • The developers of Magento 2 can test their platform after making the changes. 
  • Magento 2 allows users to have different Magento update databases

Drawbacks of Magento

No matter how meticulously created, everything has certain setbacks and Magenta is no different. To evaluate whether something is best for you or not, you need to know about both the advantages and disadvantages. Hence, now we are going to take a look at some of the few drawbacks of Magento that include:

  • The system of Magento is a bit complex to use, so everyone cannot use it. It requires a bit of understanding and practice for people to use it properly. 
  • It requires a lot of investment and time for you to set up your platform. 
  • More features require money. The Magento community is free of charge, but the more advanced features can only be used for a fee. 
  • Magneto customers have to host their website during hosting. 

Price of Magento Update

The cost of Magento depends on the business and the total order placed. The Magneto update price starts at $2000 a month. If you are planning to use Magento Open Source, it is absolutely free. The person using Magento will have to bear additional charges such as for more features like development, design, SEO, etc. Everyone can configure Magento as their preference. 

We have reached the end of the article; by now, you must know everything you need to upgrade Magento without facing any issues. Magento 2 is a popular e-commerce platform that offers many advantages to its customers. However, it is best to go through the pros and cons before making a decision. Its services are available at a reasonable price and one is free to choose the features as per their needs. For people skilled in Command Prompt, it should be an easy task. If you are not familiar with these steps, you can contact an expert and seek help to update your application.