How to make a whiteboard video?

whiteboard video production

There is no doubt that whiteboard videos are extremely popular and they are highly useful. It allows you to create great videos within a budget. Also, you don’t really have to use a camera or audio to create stunning videos. So the question is, how to make a whiteboard animation video?

Well, making a whiteboard video is not as complicated as it might seem. As there are lots of tools available for this job.

But it is only about creating animations. But you have to tell a story through your videos. And in this article, I will be talking about how to create a whiteboard animation video thoroughly. So here we go:

How to create a whiteboard animation video in a few steps?

1. Craft the message

One of the first and most important things that you need to do is craft the message. Like what you want to convey with your animation video?

So it’s better to write a script for your video. So when you start animating or creating a whiteboard video, you will know what content to put.

Also, once you have your story ready, you need some catchy phrase that makes your message sticky. So go ahead and brainstorm what should be the script for your whiteboard animation video, what catchy phrases you can come up with, and others.

In case you are looking for some tips, then you can create a script around a problem that your target audience is facing. You can talk about product or service features or benefits and so on.

2. How long should the message be?

The second question that you need to ask yourself is, how long should your whiteboard video be? Will it be a 90 seconds video or 2 minutes?

Well, if you create the right whiteboard video, you can get your audience’s attention within a short span of time. So while you are writing your script, make sure it is small, and others should be able to easily understand it.

Also, you should not really make your videos too long as the majority of the audience only watches videos that are about 2 minutes or less than that. Even the 2 minutes limit is also considered as the ideal choice for video advertisement in today’s time.

But yes, you should not limit yourself to 2 minutes only. If your audience is captive and they are interested in watching longer videos, then go for it. For instance, if you are making videos for YouTube, then longer videos are mostly preferred.

3. Record the voiceover

Next, you have to record the voiceover since audio is an essential part of your video. Also, you should have your audio ready before you start working on your whiteboard animation video.

Moreover, while recording your voice, make sure it is clear and high in quality. Also, you can consider hiring professional voiceover artists if you are not so comfortable using your voice.

But if you are going to do it on your own, then make sure to remove breaths and background noise and re-record sections that may be a mouthful or have multiple interpretations for intonation.

You may also need a good microphone to record your audio. So if you are going to record voice-over videos too frequently, I would highly recommend you to get one.

However, you can also record your audio using different mobile apps. There are lots of amazing apps available for both Android and iOS that let you record high-quality audio tracks. Such as Rev Audio recorder for Android and for iOS you can check out AudioShare. 

4. Create initial imagery

Next, you should consider creating initial imagery for your video. You should create two, three, or four sketches for your sentences and try to shape the video you are planning to make.

Also, some sentences may require you to use multiple images, so do create them. Also, you should not really try to animate all the words in your script. Instead, you should only animate the power words as the background audio will explain most things.

Also, if you plan to animate all the words, then it will make your videos pretty long. As a result, your audience may lose its audience midway.

5. Arrange the imagery

Once you are done with choosing what imagery should appear for which part of the script. The next step is to arrange your images. You can also redraw your images for the final illustration. But if you are satisfied with the images, you are good to go.

So launch whatever whiteboard-making software you are using, arrange all whiteboard video parts, and start editing.

6. Sync audio and video

Syncing audio and video is one of the hardest things to do. So once you have arranged all the parts of your whiteboard video, start syncing them with the audio track you have recorded.

Make sure the whiteboard video goes as you speak. Also, if it doesn’t then, you can speed up certain segments or slow down to synchronize perfectly.

Also, make sure to pause the video at the end of a sentence. This will allow your audience to understand one part before moving to another one. Moreover, you should consider cutting out parts of your video that may feel redundant.

7. Export and share

Once you are done making your video, you need to export your file and start sharing it on different platforms. Also, before you upload your videos to any social media sites, make sure to play the video and look for any errors that you might have missed while editing the video. After cross-checking everything, you are free to share your videos with the world.

Which is the best software to create whiteboard videos?

There are lots of whiteboard animation video makers available out there. However, I personally liked using VideoScribe. This one comes with lots of images, music and fonts, quick start video templates, ability to record a voice-over or import your own music or voiceover tracks.

Furthermore, it also allows you to add your own logo watermark and allows you to create unlimited MOV, WMV, MP4, or AVI video files. You can also create PNG and JPEG sequences.

Also, it is extremely affordable if you go with the yearly plan. So go ahead and check this tool out and see if you like it or not.

So that was a quick answer to your how to create a whiteboard animation question. I hope this has answered all your questions. In case if you wish to ask anything else, then do comment below.