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boAt, a seven-year-old firm that makes a variety of headphones and earphones, travel chargers and cables, has managed to disrupt the Indian audio equipment market. Is there any information about boAt on Wikipedia? To learn about the origin of this company, a review of boAt headphones and details about which country it manufactures in, keep reading. 

According to Kalagato, a market intelligence firm, boAt has achieved a 37% share of the Indian audio equipment market in 2020.  In the first quarter of 2021, 3 out of the top 5 audio brands sold were boAt’s. Before boAt was launched, it was hard to find quality headphones because of the price-sensitivity of the Indian market. boAt seized this opportunity to launch a brand that provides affordable and great quality headphones. 

Which country does boAt belong to?

boAt was established by two entrepreneurs, Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta In Delhi, India in 2015. They both had experience in the audio devices and electronics hardware industry before launching the company. Aman graduated from Indian School of Business and later worked at JBL as a sales head in 2013. He also has experience in consumer electronics branding in companies like Harman Kardon and AKG. His first experience as an entrepreneur was when he founded Advanced Telemedia PVT Ltd. While he was the CEO and founder of this company, he helped to launch brands like Beats Audio, Telex, Sennheiser and others into the Indian market. Sameer owns a company, Redwood Interactive – a computer gaming hardware and gadgets distributor. He is also a director at Kores – a business owned by his family since 2010. 

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So, boAt belongs to an Indian brand. But when we discuss where boAts manufacturing takes place, you will understand the reason why people ask which country boAt belongs to. 

boAt has a very impressive marketing strategy that includes a lot of out of the box ideas. For instance, boAt launched a collection of headphones at a fashion show – the Lakme Fashion Week, in February 2020 and at a music event called Sunburn Festival. Later that year, boAt partnered with a fashion designer, Masaba Gupta, to publicise a new speaker with bright colors. This move resulted in a lot of customers for the company. By the end of 2020, boAt started selling 14000-15000 units of electronic products daily, and had over two million customers. 

On social media, the brand was promoted by several Bollywood actors and influencers in the music, dancing and sporting industries. Singers such as Neha Kakkar and Naved Shaikh, a rapper. India has a growing interest in cricket, so boAt tapped into this by becoming the official audio partner for some teams in the Indian Premier League. boAt also hired cricket stars, Shreyas Iyer and Hardik Pandya as part of its brand ambassadors. 

Aside from implementing a successful marketing strategy, the company did a great job of attracting investments that enabled them to enlarge its presence. In 2018, boAt raised $900,000 from Fireside Ventures at a fundraising round, and in 2021, it raised $100 million from a private equity firm in New York, Warburg Pincus. Kanwaljit Singh led the funding by Fireside Ventures in 2018 and later became a part of boAt’s board of directors.  

The company keeps expanding and keeps adding new products to its range of products. The company is also including more affordable accessories for audio equipment and smartwatches too. 

The new CEO of boAT is Vivek Gambhir and he was appointed in February 2021. In 2019, the company made $69 million in revenue and now boAt is positioning itself to have a revenue of $137 million by April 2024. 

boAt manufacturing country

boAt is an Indian brand but its products are not made in India. It took advantage of manufacturing in China. boAts products are affordable because of their manufacturing contract in China. So, the origin of boAt headphones is in India.  However, boAt is looking to start diversifying its manufacturing and is planning to move its manufacturing to India since the Indian government has implemented the Production Linked Incentive scheme on wearable devices. boAt uses an e-commerce sales channel for its products, and that has also played a major role in its success today.  

boAts audio equipment

boAt creates a variety of great audio electronics that includes wireless earbuds, headphones and speakers, home audio electronics, smartwatches, and lots of mobile phone accessories. 

boAts Wireless Headphones are made so they can be worn in-ear or over-ear. boAts headphones can be bought for between $39 and $105, depending on the model type and feature. The headphones are marketed by the company’s brands like Rockers and Nirvana. Unlike other headphones, boAts’ headphones do not need to connect to a wire or cable to transmit audio. Most of its devices have Bluetooth Connection to connect to an audio source. boAts headphones can be powered by lithium-ion batteries that have been built into the headphones. A lot of boAts headphones come with an audio cable that you can plug into headphone jacks. It is good to note that when this is the case, it does not disrupt the battery charge. 

boAt also distributes wired headphones and earbuds under the company’s brand called BassHeads. The BassHeads wired headphones cost around $33 and the wired earbuds range between $10.50 to $20. boAts wired earbuds can connect to a headphone jack on computers, mobile phones, stereo systems, and other devices that output audio. The device does not need to charge on an amplifier since it draws power from the audio source it is connected to. It offers a good degree of noise cancellation to prevent unnecessary external sounds from passing through. 

boAt distributes wireless earbuds too, under the brand name Airdopes. You can get them between $53 to $92. These earbuds are supported by True Wireless technologies and Bluetooth connectivity. They come in charging cases with inbuilt batteries to charge your earbuds when it is not in use. 

boAt also distributes tethered wireless earbuds under its Rovers brand. boAts tethered wireless earbuds are priced between $39 to $66. Since they are wireless, they do not connect to an audio source, instead, they are connected via a wire or they are connected to a band that has the batteries built-in together with the controls and onboard processors. 

boAt manufactures smartwatches with varying fitness modes, health monitoring, notifications, and call and text features into the watch. 

boAts wireless speakers are sold under the Stone and Rugby brand. It connects to an audio source via Bluetooth and can be charged using its in-built batteries. They can be bought for between $33 and $171 depending on the type and its features. The speakers come in different sizes and are designed according to use. 

Under its Avante brand, boAt distributes home audio devices. The home audio equipment includes soundbars and subwoofers, and other home theater devices. They are priced between $130 and $329 as of 2020. Its features include Bluetooth, audio cable, and USB-A. 

Information about boAt can not be found on Wikipedia, so all the information you need about the company can be found in this article. 

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