Tecno Spark 7 Pro Price in Nigeria

Tecno Spark 7 Pro Price in Nigeria

Techno creates budget-friendly smartphones with great features. The mobile phone brand is from Transsion Holdings. This is a manufacturing company in China. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and was established in 2006. Tecno has been trying to diversify its products around the world. So far, it has successfully done this. It has focused its business in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Tecno first launched in Nigeria in 2006 to target the most populated nation in Africa. The company’s slogan is “Think global, at local”. Before Tecno launched in Nigeria, a study showed that many people had two sim cards that they would swap throughout the day to avoid heavy charges placed by operators for calling different networks. People could not afford two phones, so Tecno made dual sim mobile phones. To learn how much the price of Tecno Spark 7 Pro 128GB is in Nigeria, keep reading this article. But first, let us discuss the features and give a review of the Tecno Spark 7 Pro 128GB. 

When you open up the box, you are greeted with an envelope that has the SIM ejection pin, a warranty card, and a transparent TPU case. It comes with a standard 10W charger, a micro USB cable, and a pair of headphones. On the front, you have a 6.8 inch HD Plus IPS LCD (720P) with a 90Hz refresh rate. There is a dot notch that houses an 8-megapixel camera with dual flash and on the back, you have a 16-megapixel triple camera set up with quad flash. You also get a fingerprint sensor and bold Spark branding. On the left side, you have a 3 in 1 tray that houses two 4G/LTE nano-sim cards and an SD card. On the right, you have the volume controls and the power button. On the bottom, you have the speaker, a micro USB port, a microphone, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. In terms of design, the back of the Spark 7’s camera bump is almost non-existent. The back and frame are made from plastic and it does not attract fingerprints. It is not a light phone, but not heavy at all. 

On the front, Tecno has taken us back to 2019’s Spark 4, with the thick-looking bezels and dot notch. The punch holes on the Spark 5 look much better. Aside from that, the display is a little poor regarding outdoor visibility. By default, you get a 90Hz screen refresh rate for smoother scrolling and an option to switch to other options. Tecno Spark 7 Pro 128GB storage comes with 4GB RAM and you can get 113 GB of available storage. It runs on Android 11 with HiOS version 7.6 on it. It has a lot of the same features as the Spark 5 Pro, with the addition of a few new ones like App-twin which works like an app cloner. It lets you have 2 Facebook and 2 WhatsApp accounts, respectively. The quick settings are fully packed with everything you could need. 

The Tecno Spark 7 uses the Mediatek Helio G70 Octa-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHz and it is the same one as the Camon 16 and 16 Pro. This is an adequate gaming mid-range chip for the average user. It is much more powerful than the Helio A25 CPU that comes with the Vanilla Spark 7. You will not experience slowdowns while opening apps or running them simultaneously on split-screen. While the fingerprint sensor is fast and accurate, it is located quite high up at the back, so it is not comfortable until you get used to it. The face unlock feature unlocks every type of lightning, even in pitch darkness. 

When you are gaming it runs smoothly on the highest graphics settings. The Spark 7 Pro is powered by a 5000maH battery which is more than one day of battery life, and this is one of the best qualities of Tecno mobile phones. It takes a little over three hours to get on a full charge and it does not support fast charging. 

The Tecno Spark 7 Pro camera interface is very simple and you will notice the slow-motion and portrait video feature from the Spark 5 Pro. The selfie camera gives low-end processing which is not great, but with portrait mode, the depth-sensing is very good. The primary camera has a better grip on contrast and saturation, which is more detailed.  

How much is the Tecno Spark 7 Pro 128 in Nigeria now? 

The Tecno Spark 7 Pro with 128GB ram price starts from NGN 47,250 to NGN 57,750  ($114 to $139) in Nigeria. You can also find it for NGN 63,000 ($151). In Slot – a popular electronics distributor in Nigeria, you can find the Tecno Spark 7 Pro for NGN 90,500 ($217). If you want to buy this phone, it is suggested to budget around NGN 65,000 ($156) to get this phone. 

Transsion – Tecno’s parent company, has opened research and development centers in Nigeria, Kenya, and China, to work out ways to make products that suit African users. One of the local languages in Nigeria, Hausa, has been added to the Tecno keyboard and the phones now have the extra battery life to compensate for the electricity problems in the country. So many people have switched from using phones like Samsung or iPhone which are very expensive, to using Tecno because of its long battery life. In countries like the Congo, people have to walk several kilometers to charge their phone at the local market – Tecno’s long battery life is extremely beneficial to these types of customers. 

Transsion’s smartest move is its price strategy. Many of their feature smartphones can be bought for between $15 to $200. Tecno, Itel, and Infinix – Transitions smartphones all sell for less than $200. Transsion has become the king of budget smartphones. 

Less than ten years ago, Chinese phones were not in the African mobile market. Samsung and Nokia have dominated the market across the continent. Nokia shares have currently collapsed and Samsung users are now about one in ten users. Transsion has now taken over more than 50% of the market, as it accounts for almost one-third of all sales across the continent. 

Transsion’s rise in the African smartphone market reflects the role China plays in providing technology across Africa. The inclusion of high-speed internet in these phones has also impacted the market in a significant way.