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Speedify initially launched in June 2014 as a channel bonding service. This article reviews Speedify VPN, how much it costs, and compares it to other VPN providers, so you know what to look out for when selecting a VPN. 

What is Speedify? 

Before we talk about Speedify, a Virtual Private Network or VPN is software that encrypts everything you send or receive from the internet so that no one can spy on your traffic. Everyone including your Internet service provider is watching your traffic. An application like Speedify can help you stay protected on the internet. Speedify is a new kind of VPN that secures your traffic and combines WiFi with cellular. Speedify can also fix unstable internet. When your device is no longer within the WiFi range, Speedify ensures you stay connected to the internet regardless. No other VPN provider provides this feature. 

How does speedify work? 

Speedify combines all your internet connections to give you more reliable stream time. But how does speedify work? Speedify is a multipath VPN that is designed to bond across multiple internet connections and handle wireless failures seamlessly so that applications and streams remain uninterrupted on unstable and unreliable networks. Speedify does this through the following features: 

  • Bonding: Speedify uses a bonding technology to combine multiple internet connections for increased throughput and redundancy. This means that Speedify combines your WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and wired connections at the same time to speed up your activity online. 
  • Streaming Mode: The default “Streaming Mode” watches over the traffic you send for hostnames, port numbers, and data rates that suggest you are on a live stream or partaking in a video call. Once Speedify detects this, it will be marked as a “Stream” and then it will: (i) Prioritize the packets so that if there is insufficient bandwidth, the live stream continues before other low priority packets, (ii) Bonding happens and Speedify begins to use secondary connections to send packets to boost the speed, (iii) Redundancy so that if the primary connections are dropping packets, Speedify automatically starts sending the packets of the high priority live stream on multiple connections, delivering the first copy of the packet that gets through. This is what improves reliability and reduces jitter. This feature however causes high data usage. 
  • Cost Aware: Speedify allows you to provide ‘Priorities’ to control how much internet connection is used.  
  • Security: While using Speedify, your traffic is encrypted so that no one else on the same network, or your service provider, can see your data or what sites you are visiting. Speedify creates encryption designed for your device, but on newer devices, Speedify uses AES because they have hardware AES engines. Speedify can also use the ChaCha encryption to deliver fast performance if your processor does not support AES acceleration. 
  • Network Traffic: A variety of network protocols are used to connect across the internet to the Speed Server. Speedify attempts to use TCP by default for maximum performance, however, Speedify will automatically shift to HTTPS or UDP, based on performance and firewall for best results. Not that many guest Wi-Fi networks have limitations for example only allowing HTTPS web browsing, so if you can emulate this protocol keeps Speedify working wherever users are. 
  • Speedify Client: This is the application that runs on your devices. It acts as a VPN client so that it creates a “TUN” virtual network device. Traffic goes into this device from other apps on your device and then the Speedify client encrypts the packets and decides on which internet connection to send individual packets on. This design allows for individual packets to spread amongst multiple internet connections. Splitting all your traffic on the web at the packet level, including large single-socket transfers like downloading or uploading files and streaming movies, can give you a major speed boost.
  • Speed Servers: These act as middlemen between you and the rest of the internet in the cloud. Speedify works in tandem with Speed Servers intelligently to divide your internet traffic and deliver the speed of all combined connections. This is what shows websites that you are where the servers are hosted. 

How much does speedify cost?

speedify cost

Speedify is available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Speedify is not available on Linux, routers, or Windows Phones. The cost of the unlimited version of Speedify is $8.99 a month or $49.99 a year, which is a competitive price. 

How to use speedify? 

To use Speedify on your PC, the first thing is to search for and download speedify from the Mac App Store, Google Play Store, or your browser. When you first open the app you will see Speedify automatically connected to the fastest available server. Once the switch turns green Speedify is on. From here you can purchase a Speedify Plan or sign in to your account or use the free version which comes with a 2GB data limit. If you add any additional internet connection to your computer, Speedify will automatically bond them together to boost your bandwidth and reliability. 

Is Speedify safe? 

In terms of privacy and security, Speedify is safe and you can rely on it. Speedify provides a highly secure online connection that protects you from all forms of privacy and data breaches while you browse the internet. So, if you have been wondering if Speedify is safe, the answer is yes. Speedify is very safe to use. 

Speedify reviews in 2022 

There are a few things to look out for when thinking about a VPN solution and these are also some of the great qualities of Speedify. The first is the ease of use. Speedify has great usability so if you are a beginner you will find it easy to navigate the interface quickly. Speedify is compatible with multiple operating systems so you have no worries. You can contact customer support through email or social media. Even though there is no live chat you will get a response quickly. Secondly, security-wise they use the standard 256-bit military-grade encryption which is the best out there. However, there may be some leaks in the DNS as complained about by some users. Speedify has a no-log policy with a built-in kill switch so if your connection drops out and the VPN disappears, they’ll also kill your connection so you are not left exposed on the internet. When it comes to geo-blocks, you are not able to use Netflix with Speedify. 

Speedify reviews on Reddit

speedify reviews on reddit

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