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imyfone reviews

Have you ever lost your phone or accidentally erased important information from your phone, only for you to wish you could bring that data back? Well, iMyFone is here to take care of your worries. Losing data stored on devices can be exasperating, hence the need for an application like iMyFone that can make recovery of data easy.

What is iMyFone?

iMyFone is a software program that recovers lost or deleted data on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It recovers data across various software applications, like WhatsApp chat history, WeChat, Line and Viber. It can also deftly recover deleted contacts, notes, photos, videos and text messages. Data can be lost on iOS devices through various means such as deletion, damage, loss of device, iOS upgrade, factory reset or iPhone jailbreak, lock over wrong password input or attack by virus. Data lost in these ways or any other way can easily be recovered using iMyFone. iMyFone not only recovers lost data, it also unlocks iPhones. In essence, iMyFone functions include data backup, data cleaning and data transfer.

Having described iMyFone, it is imperative to also describe how it works. iMyFone recovers lost data effectively by recovering them from iCloud backup, restoring data from iTunes backup and retrieving data from the iOS device. For instance, to back up your contacts, the app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and then:

• Backup contacts in a Virtual Contact File (VCF).

• Send the backup file to your email or save in your draft box

• Restore the contact backup to iPhone via iCloud.

iMyFone reviews

iMyFone is an app with a free trial version, of which you have to pay to get the full version and utilize the full potential of the app. Making use of the app does not require that the user create an account or have internet access. Immediately after installation, the user can start managing their account. iMyFone reviews are both positive and negative. From the reviews, it can be deduced that the app is quite efficient, with excellent customer care services. However, there are few complaints about their refund policy. In the next section, we are going to explore more on iMyFone reviews.

iMyFone reviews
source: reviews on the website

iMyFone Lockwiper review

iMyFone Lockwiper can be used to unlock locked iPhones when the owner has forgotten their passcode. It allows you access to your iPhone by circumventing the iOS security lock. iMyFone Lockwiper reviews are quite satisfying to read. On Reddit, a user described Lockwiper as outstanding; and commended its ease of usage. A lot of users commend its efficiency. One reviewer called it an “ultimate solution” to bypass the iPhone lock screen. However, just like every other review, there are positive reviews as well as complaints. A reviewer on Trustpilot complains that the software does not work; and another, of the inability of iTransor LINE for iPhone to android to work. Other than these, other reviews are amazing feedback on customer care services and efficient refund policy.

iMyFone LockWiper
source: iMyFone website

iMyFone D-back review

Reviews on iMyFone D-back are mostly positive. A reviewer referred to it as “simple yet powerful and efficient”. One called iMyFone D-back a top leader in iPhone recovery, while another says it has an easy-to-use interface and cross-platform compatibility. The reviews mostly commend the iMyFone’s affordability, excellent customer care services and the efficiency of the software. One of the most wholesome reviews is from a user that says iMyFone d-back helped recover his lost family photos.

iMyFone Fixppo review

One user says that only Fixppo was able to resolve her phone issues. Another also confirms that an old device that freezes and runs slowly was fixed by Fixppo. A reviewer loves how easy it is to use, even without a prior knowledge or skill in system repairs. There are also complaints on iMyFone Fixppo one is of a reviewer complaining of how inefficient the app is, especially the Tenorshare products. However, an excellent customer care service can be deduced from the exchange and a refund policy that considers both the parties involved.

Is iMyFone safe?

As a renowned data recovery app, iMyFone is absolutely safe. Millions of users rely on it for their data recovery. A lot of users nurse huge safety concerns which are valid as the app deals with user’s personal data. However, it is imperative to note that iMyFone does not store individual data on its server, rather it uploads it to the desired device only. Also, iMyFone solely collects personal information of the user for strictly carved out reasons. So, this also shows how safe the iMyFone is. They do not sell, divulge or give out user personal information unless it is absolutely necessary or for due service to the user. However, they may share user information with partners who equally subscribe to user privacy protection. Users should also be convinced that their credit card details and other voluntarily provided information will be used only to complete their requests or order of services. Credit card numbers are encrypted and allowed to be seen by those who are to render the required service. Addresses and names can be shared with shipping companies in cases where there are needs for shipment, however where the user pleads otherwise, the information will not be shared.

Is iMyFone legit?

Before you start using iMyFone, it is important to know if it is legit. iMyFone has a competitive presence amongst software companies. iMyFone is operated by Cleverguard Technology Co. Limited. They have offices in Europe. One of their offices is located at Charlotte Street, London, United Kingdom. iMyFone was founded in 2015, its existence having spanned over five years, has garnered up to fifty-eight million downloads from thirty-five million users from a hundred and ninety countries. It is also recommended by a lot of websites and blogs. It achieved a user base of up to five hundred thousand people in the year of inception and by 2020, it had shot up to ten million people. To consider whether iMyFone is legit, a yes suffices. It is reported that more than a hundred and twenty high-authority media have reviewed and rated iMyFone. Well, iMyFone is legit and the official iMyFone website guarantees a never changing assurance of the provision of the best products and services.

iMyFone legit
source: iMyFone website

How long does iMyFone Anyto last?

iMyFone Anyto allows users to change their location across different geographical areas. With its ability to fake locations, iMyFone Anyto helps to prevent tracking and in playing AR games such as Pokémon. iMyFone Anyto enables a change in speed depending on the mode of movement you choose, for instance, it can be walking, running or driving. iMyFone free trial version has restrictions, the Two-spot mode and the Multi-spot mode last till after the first trial, it can only be used once; whereas the full version functions without restrictions once bought.

iMyFone Anyto Cracked Version is illegal! 

Cracked Versions of any software application are piracy, so the ownership and usage of such applications is illegal. Some software companies mandate users who use Cracked Versions of their software to either purchase their legal software or pay a penalty. Downloading and using copyrighted software without being licensed to do so is copyright infringement and is highly prohibited under the laws of some countries. It is vital to note that the Cracked Version of iMyFone Anyto is illegal. Not only is the illegality there, the risk of downloading a cracked software version should also be avoided, some are ridden with viruses. Using the cracked version of iMyFone violates the end user license agreement. Also, the Cracked Versions’ availability on the internet does not make them legal.